My own private Knook blog tour post and week of giveaways, day 3

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A few weeks ago, I was browsing the Leisure Arts website when I came across this ad for the Knook.

I had never heard of the Knook or knooking before but soon discovered that I must have been living under a rock because there are Knooking groups on Ravelry with hundreds of members and knooking videos on YouTube that are almost two years old.  I immediately felt that it was my duty as a crochet teacher, needlecrafter, and citizen of the earth to discover what the fuss was all about.

Unfortunately, since I live in an urban area, I am nowhere near a Walmart.  (Ok, normally I consider this fortunate, but since the Knook kit is currently exclusively available at Walmart, it posed a problem in this instance.)  I decided to harness the power of the internet and appeal to the thousands of members of the tunisiancrochet group on Yahoo.  Within days, thanks to GD and AP, two Knook kits were making their way to my home, purchased on my behalf by crocheters in Walmart communities.  But being the impatient shopper and learner that I am, I had already read about using locker hooks, the Amazing Needle, or Magic Needle sets and had placed the appropriate bids on eBay.

Once all of my various knooking implements arrived, it was time to learn how to do it.  I decided to use the booklet that came with the Leisure Arts Knook kit and was able to get started with relative ease during a lengthy Long Island Rail Road trip.  I was surprised to see that knooking is actually different than Tunisian crochet and produces “real knitting” stitches.  (I know, I know, everyone was saying that already, but I needed to try it for myself to believe it!)  I planned a post on my knooking adventures and then learned that there was a Knook kit blog tour in progress.  I decided to host my own private Knook blog tour post here on the Underground Crafter blog as soon as the official tour ended.  Kind of like my unofficial after party ;).

My first attempt at knooking. I tried the Pennant stitch pattern (p. 12) from Claire Crompton’s The Knitter’s Bible Stitch Library.

I found the booklet quite helpful but confess that I didn’t love the shape of the Knooks from Leisure Arts and actually preferred using the locker hook.  Of course, locker hooks are only available in one size, so that will get old soon.  (For you long time crocheters, Knooks have points that are shaped like Susan Bates hooks while the locker hooks are have points that are shaped like Boye hooks.)

The start of the Tumbling Blocks stitch pattern (p.16) in the same stitch guide.

I haven’t opened my magic needles yet, but I plan to do some more knooking explorations and post an update on a future WIP Wednesday or FO Friday.  I think I will have quite a bit of fun once I get the mechanics down.

The Giveaway

Today’s giveaway is the third in my week of giveaways in celebration of my 100th blog post!


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