Thursday craft goals update – Week 21 and KnitCircus giveaway winners!

Since my last installment of my weekly craft goals update (dramatic drum roll, please):

  • I have officially given up on finishing Producing Video Podcasts: A Guide for Media Professionals (professional craft goal #1).  I bought the book online, and frankly, I didn’t notice the “for Media Professionals” part of the title :).  The book is great and very helpful, but way too technical/advanced for the likes of little ole me. I read as much of it as I thought was relevant to a non-media professional, so I think I could consider this goal “accomplished,” even though I will probably never finish the book.  What do you think?

  • My Gorillapod Video Tripod arrived safely, and I have been planning out video segments (professional craft goal #2) for Crochet 101.  (If you missed the initial post about it, I will be offering a free online crochet-a-long class for beginners starting this Saturday!  Crochet 101 will be launching my Crochet Lyceum with Underground Crafter series of online crochet classes/CALs.)
  • I haven’t been very active this week with the blog (professional craft goal #4) because I have been doing a lot of behind the scenes work for Crochet 101.  I will have a post tomorrow which explains everything before it kicks off on Saturday!
  • I have about six patterns/booklets in progress for self-publishing (professional craft goal #3).  I have two patterns which are currently being tested, one booklet which is being finalized with pictures, and three more patterns that I will start testing next week.
  • I had a wonderful time teaching at my very first fiber festival, the Finger Lakes Fiber Arts Festival, last weekend.  I’m looking forward to the North Jersey Fiber Arts Festival next Friday (professional craft goal #5).  The workshop registration deadline was extended to 9/23 if you plan to attend.

  • And perhaps the biggest news of the week is the work I’ve been doing with WordPress (professional craft goal #9).  I’ve been working on setting up an online forum using BuddyPress.  More details coming soon!
  • Finally, I set up my indoor photo studio (professional crafting goal #10).  I was heavily influenced by this tutorial on Candied Fabrics.  My pictures are not as awesome as Candy’s yet, but they are definitely an improvement over my previous indoor pictures.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

I meant to get this post together in time for WIP Wednesday with Tami’s Amis, but life got in the way.  Full disclosure: My list of entrants was organized thusly: members of my Ravelry group listed alphabetically, then posters on this blog post listed in chronological order, and then Facebook posts listed chronologically.

Now, without further ado…

The first winner of the Fall 2011 KnitCircus PDF Pattern Collection is Stacey, from Fresh Stitches!

And the second winner is drmonica on Ravelry, who recently completed a pattern test for me.

Yay, congratulations to both winners.  I will email your PDF out shortly.

More giveaways…

Don’t despair if you didn’t win!  You still have a chance to enter these two giveaways!

  • My local Etsy team, The {NewNew}, is offering 3 September giveaways, including an in-person knitting lesson with me, or a PDF Tunisian crochet tutorial if you are too far away to meet me in person.  You can enter this giveaway through September 23rd here.
  • I’m giving away a copy of Ami Ami Dogs 2: More Seriously Cute Crochet, courtesy of Harper Design.  You can enter this giveaway through September 26 here.

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