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My FO Friday post this week is about my online Crochet 101 CAL, which starts tomorrow.  I’ve been working all week on photos and tutorials for the first two weeks of lessons, and am very excited to share the details with you.  If you are new to crochet, please feel free to join in!

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Welcome to Crochet 101, the first class in the Crochet Lyceum with Underground Crafter series!

Course Overview:

Crochet 101 is an introduction to crocheting and is suitable for an absolute beginner or as a refresher course for a crocheter who is “feeling rusty.”  The course uses U.S. terminology with reference links to U.K. terminology.  Through this course, you will learn the six basic crochet stitches, how to crochet in rows, and some basic techniques for changing colors and finishing.  You will also be introduced to pattern reading (using both U.S. pattern abbreviations and international stitch symbols).

The Crochet-A-Long (CAL) portion of this course runs from Saturday, September 24, 2011 through Wednesday, November 2, 2011. During the CAL portion, I will be available to help you out by answering questions and looking at uploaded pictures of your work for troubleshooting.  The lessons will be available here on the blog, and you can share your pictures in the Crochet Lyceum with Underground Crafter Flickr group.  While participation during the CAL is free, starting on November 3, 2011, an ebook with all of the lessons will be available for sale for students to work through at their own pace.

Students who share their work in the Flickr group by 11:59 p.m. Eastern time on Wednesday, November 2, 2011 may be included in a student showcase post here on the blog on Saturday, November 5, 2011.  More details will follow.

Course Outline:

Week 1 (9/24): Materials and Project Planning

  • Different types of yarn, hooks, and notions
  • Choosing a beginner project

Week 2 (10/1): First Stitches

  • Forming the slip knot
  • Chain, single crochet, and slip stitches
  • Working into the front loop

Week 3 (10/8): More Stitches, Gauge, and Pattern Reading

  • Half double crochet stitch
  • Working into the back loop and the “third loop”
  • Introduction to gauge
  • Basic pattern reading using a two stitch pattern

Week 4 (10/15): More Stitches, and Changing Colors

  • Double crochet stitch
  • Creating simple stripes
  • Basic pattern reading using a three stitch pattern

Week 5 (10/22): The Last Stitch and Alternative Techniques

  • A new way to start the foundation chain
  • Triple (treble) crochet stitch
  • Basic pattern reading continued

Week 6 (10/29) (11/5): Basic Finishing Techniques

  • Weaving in ends
  • Joining
  • Blocking
  • Taking care of your crocheted items

Student Showcase goes “live” on 11/5.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Underground Crafter (and why should I trust her as a crochet teacher)?

Marie Segares works full time in higher education administration.  At night and on the weekends, she transforms into Underground Crafter, a needlecrafts teacher, designer, and blogger/writer.  Marie has been crocheting for more than 27 years, and is a Craft Yarn Council Certified Crochet Instructor (Level 1) and Certified Crochet Teacher (Level 2).  She has been teaching crochet professionally since 2008, and has taught over 120 beginners to crochet!

Why should I participate in the Crochet 101 CAL?

Because it is a great way to learn the basics!  There are many online resources available, but many beginners struggle to make sense of it all.  During the CAL, you will have a real, live, certified crochet teacher working along with you and helping you out.

What do I need to do to participate?

Each week during the CAL, there will be a new class posted on the blog.  (Links to each post will be added to this post, below, as they go “live.”)  I will also post a reminder in my Underground Crafter Ravelry group.

This CAL is free.  Each week, I will add new information, including a lesson with photographs, illustrations, and/or links to different helpful resources.  Some lessons will also include links to videos.  At the end of each week’s lesson, there will be a homework assignment :).

To get the most out out of the CAL, read through the information, work on the homework between classes, and post your questions and pictures to the Crochet Lyceum with Underground Crafter Flickr group.   (You won’t get in trouble if you don’t do your homework, but you probably won’t get as much out of the class.)  You can also post questions directly on the relevant blog post.  I will check in with the group daily, and will be available there to answer questions during the CAL.  You can also upload pictures of your work and I can give you glowing compliments or help troubleshoot (or both!).

Do you have any general questions about the Crochet 101 CAL? Post them here!

Do you have any general questions about Flickr groups? Check out the Flickr Groups help page.

Course Links

Week 1 (9/24): Materials and Project Planning
Week 2 (10/1): First Stitches
Week 3 (10/8): More Stitches, Gauge, and Pattern Reading
Week 4 (10/15): More Stitches, and Changing Colors
Week 5 (10/22): The Last Stitch and Alternative Techniques
Week 6 (10/29): Basic Finishing Techniques and Student Showcase Post (11/5)

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