FO Friday: Chubby Sheep revealed

Yay, I can finally share the secret project I was working on because the pattern has been published!  (You can check out my free Chubby Sheep pattern here.)

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been collaborating with Galler Yarns, a family-run yarn importer in Monroe, New York.  I was asked to design some toys using Flore II, a kid mohair/wool/nylon blend yarn made in South Africa.

Strangely, when I saw the yarn, I didn’t think of a goat but rather a sheep.  (Yes, there is wool in the yarn, but it looks more “mohair-ish.”)  I kept the goat idea in the back of mind while designing, though.  I always imagine goats eating anything and everything.  (According to the British Goat Society, this is actually untrue and goats are quite particular about their eating habits.)

So I decided to make this sheep a very rotund,  non-stop eating machine.  Originally, I planned to add legs, but once I finished the body, I saw that the sheep was able to sit on his own and actually looked pretty cute that way.  I worked on the sample during the long Thanksgiving weekend.  That Sunday, MC and I went for a nice walk in Central Park.  It was a bit brisk out, but a beautiful day.  I took many great pictures of the sheep (and of another top secret project I can’t talk about yet!).

Chubby Sheep, enjoying the fall foliage while sitting on a park bench.
Cuter than a hacky sack.
Posing for the camera.

That weekend, the Christmas tree vendors were just setting up around our neighborhood.  With that inspiration, I decided to add the option to transform the Chubby Sheep into an ornament.  On Monday, on the way to the post office to mail the sample, I snuck behind one of the Christmas tree stands and captured a few pictures of the ornament version.

The ornament version.

My acrylic amigurumi critters always have very smooth, dull surfaces.  I like the way the mohair in the yarn makes Chubby Sheep look fuzzy.

For more finished objects, visit Tami’s Amis.

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