Battle of the egg-shaped crochet hook handles!

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I first became aware of egg-shaped, ergonomic crochet hook handles some time last year while visiting the Lion Brand Yarn Studio.  If you knew me in real life, you would know that I’m somewhat… cheap.  I saw this ergonomic crochet hook set and my first thought was, “$24!  But I already have tons of crochet hooks at home!”  The set had a bizarre effect on me though, and after going home my mind kept returning to the hook handles.

I was also teaching crochet and knitting at Micheals during the time, and I discovered that Boye had a similar product, the Ergonomic Aluminum Crochet Hook Handle.  I decided to try it out with my employee discount.

My two best friends were nice enough to hook me up (pun intended) with my very own Eleggant Hook set for my birthday, and I later purchased some additional hook sizes.  (I should mention that it was cheaper to order the specific sizes and parts I wanted and to have it shipped to the U.S. than it was to buy the pre-packaged set with sizes I don’t really use.  This is how I convinced my cheap inner self to order the additional hooks.)

So today I present to you my reviews of both ergonomic, egg shaped hook handles.

Boye vs. Eleggant!

What’s included 

The Boye kit includes a hook handle of indeterminate material (my guess is rubber or plastic) which can twist off to open, as well as 8 “washers” to fit various sizes of crochet hooks.  The retail prices is $7.99.  Hooks are not included.

The Eleggant kit includes a wooden handle with metal adjustor, six modified crochet hooks (steel hooks in sizes 1.25 mm, 1.75 mm, and 2.25 mm, and aluminum hooks in sizes 3.5 mm/E, 5.0 mm/H, and 6.0 mm/J), and o-rings.  The retail price is $24.99CAD.  Alternatively, you can customize your own set by purchasing the handle ($15.00CAD), o-rings ($1.00CAD/10), and modified hooks in your favorite sizes ($1.50CAD – $1.75CAD each).

The verdict: The Boye kit seems less expensive, but it doesn’t include any hooks.  If you add the cost of hooks, then the prices are actually quite similar.



Small, color coded plastic washers are added to the Boye crochet hooks to create a snug fit inside the handle.

How it works

With the Boye kit, you attach plastic washers to each crochet hook.  The washers are a bit tough to get on because they are made to fit quite snug.  The washers are color coded so you have to examine the little color chart to figure out which washer goes onto what size hook.  After the washer is on the hook, you twist the hook handle open, insert the hook, and then twist the handle to close.  It takes some practice to position the washer properly so that the hook isn’t jiggling around in the handle.  A downside to this system was that once I put the washers on to my existing hooks, I didn’t have much interest in removing them.  They were really tough to get off around the point of the hook.  Since I was using my regular crochet hooks with this handle and there are certain types of stitches (e.g., the bullion stitch) that are difficult to work with the egg-shaped handle, the end result was that I have been using my Boye hooks less.

With the Eleggant hooks kit, you attach o-rings to the base of the modified crochet hooks.  Then you use the metal adjustor to tighten the handle around the hook.  I found these easier to use and since I have a dedicated set of modified hooks for the handle, I can pick it up whenever I feel like using an ergonomic egg-shaped hook without any impact on my other crochet tools.

The verdict: The Boye handle often leaves the hook jiggling around inside unless you place the washer very precisely.  The Eleggant hook handle occasionally snags the yarn at the join between the o-rings and the adjustor.  (This may be because I tend to move my stitches further down on the hook than other people when crocheting.)  Overal, I found the Eleggant hook handle easier to use and it feels more sturdy and snug than the Boye hook handle.



The Eleggant hook handle attaches to modified crochet hooks.

Other stuff

Feel: The Eleggant hook handle is made of wood and feels much better on the hands.  The Boye hook handle was almost instantly covered with cat fur and dust, and requires frequent washing.  Also, it tends to get “sweaty” when it is warm.

Durability: Again, I’d have to go with the Eleggant kit.  It looks and feels much more sturdy than the Boye handle and washers.

Ease of use: Honestly, crocheting with an egg-shaped handle takes a bit of getting used to.  With both handles, you would need some practice to get comfortable.

Customer support: The folks at Magique Enterprises are nice enough to share a video explaining how to use the Eleggant hook on YouTube.

YouTube Preview Image

There’s no such luck over at the Simplicity YouTube channel.

Hook selection: Both sets are made to work with the Boye style hooks.  But what if you prefer the shape of point and throat of another brand of crochet hooks?  According to reviews that I’ve read online, the Boye kit can be used with Susan Bates hooks even though they are not the same length as Boye hooks.  If you want to use a different type of hook with the Eleggant handle, you will definitely need access to tools which can precisely cut metal.  (I didn’t test this out myself because my only aluminum hooks at home are the Boye brand, which I prefer.)

Finding the right size hook: The Boye kit has color coded washers and if your Boye hooks are also color coded, that you can probably easily find the right size.  The washer, when positioned correctly, will probably cover the size information on the hook handle though.  As for the Eleggant kit, supposedly the hook size is etched into each hook.  When looking through mine, however, I’ve found that two don’t have the size etched into the modified hook.

The verdict: Overall, I prefer the Eleggant hook handle.  It feels sturdier, fits the hook more snug, and is smaller to hold in your palm.  In fact, soon after the second time that I washed my Boye hook handle, I gave up on using it.  Since I live with a cat, there is just no way that it can stay clean.  However, if you really need more access to a broader range of hooks, you may want to consider the Boye handle.

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  • Dorothy says:

    Thank you for this review … one of our larger yarn stores here in Australia are selling the Boye ones for $5 and I have been tempted. However, after reading your review I’m now thinking the Eleggant set might be better. My current favourite hooks are my Etimo set and the Clover comfort hooks. If I wasn’t such a crochet ‘geek’ I’d just stick with what I have :) xoxox

  • Thanks for writing this review! I’ve been thinking about getting one of these egg hook sets, so this was super helpful!

  • Dana K says:

    Thank you for your remarks, I just bought the Boye egg this weekend and like it because I can use my Boye and Bates hooks with it but I do have 3 cats so I can imagine with the texture the cat fur sticking but I’ll still use it. I just ordered the Eleggant Hook set tonight. Recently I injured my right thumb bad enough it now does not bend. I’ve been told it is a trigger thumb so the boye egg was extremely easy to use this weekend but looking forward to the Eleggant hook set arriving soon.

  • Dana K says:

    Well I received my Eleggant Hooks set. I love it. It is so easy to use. My hand crochets naturally with it. Boye crochet egg is not as good and its handle is longer and my hand over-rotates with it but I can use all my needles with it. I’ll definitely use the Eleggant Hooks more.

  • Fibroknit says:

    I am challenged in my arms due to overwork on keyboards during the onset of word processing, enough said about that. I found the Boye a curiosity as I saw it on Youtube being used by a crocheter on a tutorial. I found at Walmart less than average retail price and that day got the next to last one on the rack. I have had now for one week. I have used with H and J hook so far as these are the smallest I consistently will use. I have an F hook project and will now switch the handle and give it a try. It took me a few hours off and on for the muscles, ligaments, joints and the mind to figure the best way for ME to grip. After a rush session, as I found my groove I found myself asking, where is the high level of discomfort I am used to. It was greatly diminished and with a little pain reliever, or anti-inflammatory as well as the support gloves I think it will due fine. I had to practice inserting the hook with the right sized washer, no jiggling, same issues with fibers (acrylic) sticking. I suppose before I use lighter colors I must clean it. Minor issue. Being cold sensitive I welcome the warm plastic

  • [...] Eleggant Crochet Hook Review. Marie of Underground Crafter actually did this review last year but I became aware of it this week when we were commenting back and forth on a post here on this blog. She says it’s a hook option that takes a little getting used to but has helped her a lot with crochet-related hand cramping. [...]

  • Carol says:

    Oh my Gosh! I don’t even know how I found you (this) awesome product egg thing but I ordered it. I’ve been looking for ergonomic hooks. I’ve had a disk decease since I was 15. I’m 48 now and have been crocheting since I was 8 thanks to an elderly lady who lived next to us. I practiced a single chain for years. Then double and well things are much better now. Anyway, I really need something fro my hands and wrist. I fractured my neck and back in a car accident at age 15. Many surgeries later I’m still crocheting. Thank God. Thank you for showing the difference between the two hook holders. I knew the other one collected lint and stuff. Hate that feeling. Ewe, lol. I was just getting ready to order it and kept searching. Glad I did even tho it’s 4am. I’ll be checking my mail. And il let you know how I like it. But I can tell it’s really cool. Thank you again.

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