Holiday Stashdown Challenge, Week 23

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In the past few weeks, I’ve mentioned my lack of excitement about holiday crafting. It’s ok, I’ve been going strong since March, so it was inevitable that my interest would fade.  I think I’ve found some things to reinvigorate me, though. Over the summer, I received a review copy of 100 Snowflakes to Crochet: Make Your Own Snowdrift—to Give or to Keep by Caitlin Sainio, courtesy of St. Martin’s Press.  (Actually, they sent two copies, which is great because I get to keep one and there will be a giveaway for the other copy starting on Saturday.)  I was never that interested in snowflake crochet until I found Snowcatcher’s blog and her Snowflake Monday free patterns.  (You can find my interview with Deborah Atkinson from Snowcatcher here.)  Snowflake patterns are great, but I kept thinking to myself, “What would I do with all these snowflakes?”  Caitlin shares some project ideas in the book, and I was instantly drawn to the snowflake cards. This is something fun that I can do for the holidays right now.  It doesn’t take too long and it makes a very personalized gift.  So I decided to start on a few in Galler Yarns Parisian Cotton.  (Side note: I always thought I didn’t like crocheting with thread, but now that I’ve found a thread I like and some comfort hooks, I realize how wonderful it can be!) These are my test snowflakes.  I’m trying to finalize my hook size and decide whether I should make them double stranded or not.  I plan to attach them to red and light blue cards. I’m also working on an eyelet ripple scarf for another one of the ladies on my dad’s side of the family.

A little ripple teaser.

I’m hosting a ripple CAL in my Ravelry group that starts tomorrow :).  If you like crochet ripples, you may want to join us!

How’s your holiday crafting coming?  Feel free to share an update or link in the comments!

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