2013 Holiday Stashdown Challenge!

Last year, I hosted a Holiday Stashdown Challenge to encourage myself and anyone else who was willing to play along with me to make our holiday gifts early and to use as much stash yarn as possible.

The successes: I used up over 3,300 yards of yarn from my stash, made gifts for 14 people, and had all of my holiday crafting finished before Thanksgiving.  (You can read more details here.)  A few other bloggers seemed to find some crafty inspiration, too, like Audrey-Lee and Mary from Needles and Hooks and Books, Oh My!

Unfortunately, I could never get a link party to work (if someone knows how to do that from a self-hosted WordPress blog, please tell me!) and sometimes, there was not much progress to share.  I don’t plan to post weekly updates in 2013, but instead I plan to share an update on the first Tuesday of each month.

I’ll kick off the New Year today with a tentative list and some ideas for my 2013 holiday gifts.  (Since it is the beginning of the year, I’ll dream big.  I’m sure the list will be greatly reduced by the time the holidays roll around!)


I plan to finish this blanket, which I originally planned to give to her in February for her birthday.

I’d also like to make her the Amigurumi Nativity by Carolyn Christmas. And, if there’s any time left, a pair of these cute hexagon slippers.


If I don’t make her a pair of slippers boots using these slipper soles, I will be sad.  Because that has been my plan for the past few years since I bought them ;).

Dad and Dad’s partner

I’d like to make them each a full winter accessories set with a hat, scarf, and convertible gloves.  Of course, I’ve never made convertible gloves, so they may be incredibly difficult or annoying to make…


She is one of my best buddies from high school.  I started this boa scarf for her in late November and will probably finish it in time for her birthday in March.  If not, then December, 2013 is my back up plan!

Side note: This is one of the best patterns I’ve read.  It’s Anne by MK Carroll.  It includes a written pattern (in US and UK version), stitch symbols, and lots of explanation.


Perhaps a nice warm hat or a pair of cozy slippers.  If I get ambitious, I may resurrect the idea of making him a sweater.

My cat seems to like the sweater idea.

Other folks

I’d like to make gifts for my friends Carlota, OB, JS, and JP.  I don’t really know what yet.  And, if there’s time, I’d like to make something for JM.


I had a lot of fun making little ornaments in December.  In a perfect world, I’d make about 40 of these to include in my holiday gift cards for family I don’t exchange gifts with, or to use as gift tags.

And I’d really like to make snowflake cards.  I did make a few snowflakes this year, but I didn’t find a glue that I liked to affix them to cards properly.

Again, in the imaginary world where I have unlimited time and resources, I would make about 50 snowflakes for cards.  Or maybe I should take a hint from Attic24 and crochet my holiday cards.  I welcome suggestions for making snowflake cards from those of you who are snowflake pros :).


When do you start your holiday crafting?

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