Vintage Needlecrafts Pick of the Week: Better Homes and Gardens Crocheting & Knitting

Posted by Underground Crafter on February 28, 2013 | Short Link

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This week’s pick: Better Homes and Gardens Crocheting & Knitting


Publication date: 1977

Status: Out of print but available online.

Condition: Smells like a basement, but in relatively good condition.

Crafts: Crochet and knitting.

BH&G C&K cover

I went on a hunt for this book after seeing Crochetbug’s version of the afghan on the cover.  (For those of you considering making your own, Crochetbug has set up a page with details about how she made hers.  You can also find more information on her Ravelry project pages for her original and reprised versions.)

BH&G C&K afghan

Jackie H. Curry’s Granny Square Sampler Afghan.

I even tried my hand at some of the blocks, which I eventually donated.

This book has a lot of fun home decor crochet and knitting projects.

Some of my favorites…

The Old Fashioned Windowpane Knitted Afghan by Winnie Juhl.

BH&G C&K scraps

Spiral Crocheted Table Toppers by Mary Walker Phillips.  (Side note: Mary Walker Phillips was a fascinating woman.  You can read more about her cultural impact in her obituary.)

BH&G C&K placemat


Crocheted Bed Throw.

BH&G C&K bedspreadFilet Crochet Chair Set.

BH&G C&K chair

Cozy Quilt Patterned Throw by Susan Toplitz.

BH&G C&K cozy quilt

This book is unusual for the time because it actually lists the names of the designers (in the back, but still).  Until recently, relatively few designers were actually able to include their names in their publications.  Most designs were unattributed, with the yarn company or magazine acting as the implied author.

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  • Keri says:

    HA! I wonder if EVERY copy of this book smells like a basement? :) I have two copies and both of mine do!!! :) Great review. GREAT book. Although some of the squares in that cover afghan are really poorly represented by patterns. LOL I tried making them and came up with completely different squares. Which is why CrochetBug’s instructions are invaluable!

    That might have to be my next blanket project as I still haven’t made one from start to finish.

  • Susan T says:

    In many cases, if one designed for a yarn company, the designers name was not always credited. If,however, the design was purchased from the designer directly by the magazine, it was something that was negotiated. It also depended on name recognition. I designed for all the magazines and yarn companies and was a well known name in the field, so more often than not I was given a design credit.

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