Year of Projects, Year 3: Small beginnings

YOP3 sheep

My goals for A Year of Projects.

The August body zone for the Head to Toe Challenge is feet.

I’ve never been that excited about feet as a crochet zone – I’ve finished only a handful of foot related projects in all my years crocheting, and we all know how my attempt to knit socks ended up.

These yoga socks were one of the few enjoyable feet related projects I've crocheted.
Yoga socks for my mom: one of the few enjoyable feet-related projects I’ve crocheted.

I do have several ideas for cute baby booties, though, and the small size means I’m more likely to stay focused.  I did a bit of research this week, looking for different newborn and infant sizing charts.  The favorites I’ve found so far (for feet) are these three from Wendy Knits, Bev’s Country Cottage, and the Craft Yarn Council.

I didn’t have the colors in my stash needed to execute my creative vision, so I also took a trip to Michaels.  It’s strange, but since I’ve started stash busting, my experience of shopping for yarn is totally different.  I spend much more time in the internal debate over each purchase, trying to decide if I really need it.  This now happens even when I’m going there to buy something.  I suppose it’s good, that I’m more thoughtful about bringing yarn into the house, but it can take a lot more time than yarn shopping in the good old stash accumulation days.

Besides researching sizing and buying yarn, I haven’t made much progress on this foot/design challenge.  Instead, I’ve mostly been focused on my next design in the My Mountain contest.  (You can find my first finished design here.)

Here’s the gauge swatch for my second My Mountain design.

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