Holiday Stashdown Challenge, Week 28

(Join along with me any time if you need a head start or moral support for your holiday crafting.  You can read more details here.)

With all of my “must make” holiday gifts finished, I’m now free to turn to the fun stuff!

You may have seen my previous posts about the great swaps I’ve had on the A Swap A Month group on Ravelry.  Sadly, the group began unraveling a few months ago when it was discovered that the moderator was a naughty swapper herself.  Some of the members have reformed into the Strangers in Good Company group.  Our first swap is an ornament and card swap for Christmas, so I’ve been scouring the web for awesome ornament patterns.

I found this adorable sweater ornament pattern by Jessica Spencer and had so much fun making these that I think I will create an ornament gift tag for each of the Christmas celebrators on my gift list.  (I mentioned before that my winter holiday gift list includes people who observe a range of holidays.)

I made a camouflage version and a cherry chocolate version.  These is also a wonderful way to use up little yarn scraps.  And, unlike when making a real sweater, I don’t really mind that the sleeves are not the same length for both arms.

How is your holiday crafting going?  Feel free to share your holiday crafting journey in the comments!

FO Friday: Swap gifties

I started participating in A Swap a Month on Ravelry in July.  I had a little extra crochet time over the summer, I love swaps, and I’ve been reasonably good about destashing so I figured adding one surprise skein of yarn to my stash each month couldn’t be all bad.

Most of the swaps include a handmade gift, and I have a few finished projects that I can share now that they’ve finally made it to their destinations.

The August swap theme was Under the Sea, and my partner was bellascreation.  Her favorite sea creature is the sea horse and she likes reds that remind her of the coral reef.  I decided to make her some coral reef scrubbies and a little sea horse.

Bellascreation was super generous with the package she sent to me.  Here’s a glimpse of my favorites from the swap box.

It’s hard to decide what’s cuter, the deep sea diver or the flip flop coasters.

The theme of the September swap was Twinkle Toes.  My partner was Underbaragarn and she loves green (especially lime green).  I’ve been doing a lot of motif projects lately, so I made her a pair of hexagon slippers.

That’s me modeling (since we happen to have the same size feet).

These were really fun to make, so I might make some more for holiday gifts (or for me!).  My package from Underbaragarn just arrived this week, and here’s a taste of the awesomeness contained within.

Why, yes, that is the very first pair of handmade socks I’ve ever owned.

A Swap a Month is a pretty fun group, and I’ve received some great goodies.  You can see my July swap box here.  If you like swaps, you may want to join in!

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Surmount the Stash – August Review

This month seemed to go by in a blur with all that was happening at work and home, so I honestly have no idea how I did with stash this month!  Let’s see…

My accomplishments

  • I made a hat with stash yarn and won two more Ravellenic Medals.

  • I tried something different this month.  Instead of buying yarns in the appropriate colors for my September swap gifty for A Swap A Month, I traded and bought partial skeins on Ravelry instead.  So rather than ending up with three new skeins of yarn, I ended up with three partial skeins of yarn that should be close to exactly what I need for my project.

On the other hand…

That’s a lot of yarn!
Aruacania Ronco in 102.

The Verdict

I guess it’s pretty obvious that the stash won this month!  I brought in 25 skeins and 3 partial skeins, and only finished off 3 skeins.

September goals

  • Lately, I’ve been craving new yarn.  I’ve been fighting the urge to buy new yarns online or run into Knitty City for a quick haul.  I know that I’ll be going to a fiber festival in September, so I vow to be reasonable with my purchases – I’m setting a budget limit as well as a 3 skein limit.
  • I’ve finally found a local charity online that seems interested in yarn donations.  I will contact them and hopefully move out a large amount of yarn.
  • This may be wishful thinking, but I’d like to spend more time crocheting and knitting this month!  If I do, I shouldn’t have a problem busting through some stash.

For more stash adventures, visit the Surmount the Stash group on Ravelry.