#FlashbackFriday Crochet Link Blast: Week 15: Tunisian Crochet

#FlashbackFriday #Crochet #LinkBlast: roundup of 12 free Tunisian crochet patterns on @ucrafter
On Fridays, I share a link blast on Twitter and Facebook to get you excited about crocheting all weekend! Keeping with the #FlashbackFriday meme, I’m sharing patterns were first released at least 12 months ago.

Today, I’m sharing a roundup of 12 free Tunisian crochet patterns. I love Tunisian crochet and it’s easier to get started than most crocheters think. All images are used with permission of the respective designer.

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Roundup of 12 free Tunisian #crochet patterns, curated by @ucrafter

All Weather Cowl (photo 6) by @UCrafter (me!): This pattern uses natural “curl” of Tunisian crochet to make a scrumptious accessory.

All Weather Cowl, free Tunisian #crochet pattern by @ucrafter

3 of Hearts Tunisian Kitchen Rag (photo 1) by @MNECrafts: This two-color dishcloth will put a smile on your face.

Tunisian Crochet Ten Stitch Blanket (photo 7) by @dedristrydom: Dedri converted Frankie Brown‘s popular knitting pattern into a Tunisian crochet version. Want to know more? Read my interviews with Dedri and Frankie.


Maura Roll Brimmed Hat (photo 2) by @CrochetKim: This pattern includes links to both right- and left-handed videos for the Tunisian crochet stitches used. Learn more about Kim’s love of Tunisian crochet in this interview.

Sweetie Pie Bow Headband (photo 4) by Olivia Kent: This flapper-inspired headband pattern includes a video tutorial.

Bandwagon Blanket (photo 3) by @zagraham: This is a Tunisian crochet version of Shelly Kang’s (knit) Sock Yarn Blanket. You can read more about Beth in this interview.

Chevron Cowl by Sheryl Thies: This cozy neckwarmer is one of seven free Tunisian crochet patterns available in this CrochetMe ebook.

Tunisian Crochet Cowl by Karen Clements: This chunky cowl pattern includes a photo tutorial.

Allegra (photo 5) by Stefanie Bold: This half-circle shawl pattern is available in both English and German. I interviewed Stefanie here.

Birchback Slippers Pattern & Tutorial by Sue Perez: This is a customizable “recipe” style pattern to make your own pair of cozy slippers.

Tunisian Ripple Scarf by Elisa Purnell: This scarf has a one-row repeat that allows you to practice your Tunisian increases and decreases.

Tunisian Wrap by Marty Miller via @Yarnspirations1: This long and lacy wrap makes a great accessory for your next special event.

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Vogue Knitting Live 2014: Day 3 and Stash Musings


Today was the last day of Vogue Knitting Live, and I felt a bit under the weather (perhaps that cold shower yesterday was to blame).  I did actually take my obligatory pre-event picture, but I looked so grumpy that I decided not to post it.  I was wearing my All Weather Cowl (you know, the one that brought me fame and fortune), which turned out to be just right because I could wear it indoors comfortably.

I had a chance to interview Sally Melville today, as well as catch the back end of her lecture on Creativity.  She had some fabulous samples on display, including several sizes of the lovely L’Enveloppe.  Sally was wearing her own version over a stunning coat with a coordinating pair of Fluevogs.

blog VKL NYC 2014 Sally Melville

I walked through the Marketplace one last time before saying goodbye to Vogue Knitting Live for 2014.  Though it was extremely tempting, I managed just to touch the buttons at Dusty’s Vintage Buttons without buying anything.  (I think we all know that I have way too many buttons at home to buy them at random.  I have to at least pretend there’s a plan for using them first!)

blog VKL NYC 2014 vintage buttons3

And then I visited the Feederbrook Farm booth.  Yesterday, in the rare quiet moments at the Michelle’s Assortment booth, I would look across at their yarns, and I ended up developing quite an attachment.  I decided on four skeins of Shepherd Spun, which is quite a bit of yarn for someone allegedly trying to reduce their stash.  In my defense, I fell in love with two of the hand dyed yarns, and rather than have them sit in my stash forever, I paired each with a coordinating solid.

blog Feederbrook Farm Mocha & Ava with shawl pin

These two are a bit out of my comfort zone, but I really was drawn to the skein on the bottom, called Ava, which is surprising because it isn’t in my typical colors.  And then I had to buy a coordinating Matryoshka pin from Michelle – I had been eyeing them, too, but couldn’t decide on a color until I had the yarn.

The other two skeins are much more “me” – purples, blues, and greens.

blog VKL NYC 2014 Feederbrook Farm Wia and Michelles Assortment shawl pin

This skein is called Win and is paired up with the shawl pin I picked up yesterday.

blog VKL NYC 2014 Michelles Assortment shawl pins

So after 3 days of Marketplace exposure, I ended the show with 3 shawl pins, and 5 skeins of yarn.

blog VKL NYC 2014 yarn haul

It was more than I (consciously) planned to spend, but I did happen to have cash left over, so apparently it was within the budget I had (subconsciously) created for the event.  I actually spent less than the cost of registering for a class, so in the end things seem to have worked out.

The charcoal Studio Donegal yarn in the center is already dedicated to being a cabled hat for my dad, and I have ideas about what I want to do with each of the other pairs.  But (head hanging in shame)…

I have yet to use any of the yarns I bought at last year’s Vogue Knitting Live.  (They’re pretty too, don’t you think?)

Vogue Knitting Live Yarn Haul

Partly it’s because I suffer from the “I must make something extra super fantabulous with yarn bought at a special event” syndrome, and the rest of it is because none of these lovelies are machine washable, which means they are unsuitable for most of my gift crafting.

I’m not going to feel too bad about buying five more skeins of yarn, since I did use over 19,000 yards of yarn (through both knitting and crocheting projects) last year.  I do, however, think it’s time to go through my stash again and see what I might be able to donate or sell.  Not only will that free up room for these five new skeins, but it will probably excite me about what I have on hand to use.

In my mind, I actually have new designs waiting for each of these pairs of yarn, but I think we all know that our initial ideas and our final plans don’t always align…

2013 Crochet Blog Awards

I’m really pleased to share that I won two 2013 crochet blog awards.

Awesome Crochet Blogger Award

Kathryn from Crochet Concupiscence awarded me her 2013 Awesome Crochet Blogger Award for Best Crochet Interviews for the third year in a row (!).  (On a side note, wow, the pressure is really on now to come with some fantastic interviews!  Luckily, I already have a few up my sleeve that I’ll be posting later this year.)

Kathryn is one of my favorite bloggers, and this is really an honor.  I love her annual blogger award series and her weekly link love posts, which always introduce me to new crochet blogs.  You can read my interviews with Kathryn here and here, and find out more about what I love about her blog here.

I’m sharing links to four of my favorite crochet interviews from 2013:

You can find links to all of my interviews (mostly with yarn industry professionals) here.

Blog Button AllFreeCrochet

I’m happy to hear that my All Weather Cowl pattern (available for download here) was chosen by AllFreeCrochet as one of their 100 Favorites: The Most Popular Free Crochet Patterns of 2013, and so I’ve also been named one of their 2013 Top Bloggers.

This might explain why my Pinterest source page currently looks like this:

All Weather Cowl on Pinterest

(Usually, there is a variety of different photos!)  The All Weather Cowl is definitely one of my favorite samples to wear out.  (I even wear it around the house when it’s extra cold.)  I only wish the yarn I designed it with, Galler Yarns Aztec Boucle, hadn’t been discontinued this past summer.  You could make the entire cowl with just one skein!

Perhaps this award will motivate me to make another sample with a yarn that’s currently available…