14 Best DIYs on Tangi

Have you heard about Tangi? It’s a new experimental project from Google’s Area 120 and it’s already loaded with great DIY videos to inspire you! I’m sharing the 14 best DIY videos on Tangi right now, along with information about how you can enter the Try It Challenge for your chance to win a gift card valued at $150, so read on for details.

What is Tangi?

Tangi – pronounced “Tan-jee” – is an online destination where you can find short-form videos for DIY, art, cooking, fashion and beauty, and other lifestyle topics. I was invited to join before it was open to the public. I’ve been sharing new videos every few days and you can follow me at https://tangi.co/p/ucrafter/.

Tangi was just launched in the App Store here last week. If you don’t have an Apple device, don’t worry! You can still access Tangi from your browser here. If you already have a Google account, it’s easy to sign in.

To help get Tangi off the ground, the folks at Google are having several challenges right now.

  • Follower Challenge: The 3 video creators with the most new followers will be invited for a trip to Google. I’d love it if you could follow me here! If I get to go to Google, I’ll definitely be making even more videos to share with you.
  • Try It Challenge: This challenge is open to everyone, including YOU! After watching a video, post your try-it in the comments for that video by uploading a photo related to the video content. The 3 people with the most try-its will win one of 3 prizes: a $50 gift card, a $100 gift card, or a $150 gift card. Enter through February 11, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific. Updated to add: Click on the “Try It” button while watching the video on the app to upload your picture. This video shows you how!

14 Best DIY Videos on Tangi Right Now

To help you get started in the Try It Challenge, I’ve put together the 14 best DIY videos on Tangi right now. Each video is under a minute long, and you’ll find so much to be inspired by! Click through to try each one out and don’t forget to share your “try-it” picture to enter the Try It Challenge.

Thanks for reading! And, don’t forget to follow me here on Tangi for more project inspiration.

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