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Back in December, I started posting short tutorial videos on Tangi, Google’s new short-form video app. In today’s post, I’m answering your top 6 questions about Tangi and sharing 4 tips for how you can use Tangi to find inspiration for your next crafts project!

This post is sponsored by Tangi. All opinions and thoughts are my own. 

Back in February, I shared a roundup of the 14 Best DIYs on Tangi, and since then, the site has only grown to include more great videos. You can use Tangi to find inspiration for your next crafts project, to get meal ideas for tonight’s dinner, to learn how to style your hair so it looks amazing, to find projects to do with your kids at home, and more!

Answers to Your Top 6 Tangi Questions

If you’re new to Tangi, you probably have a lot of questions about what it is and how to use it. Not to worry, because I’ve got answers to your top 6 Tangi questions! If you’re already familiar with Tangi, scroll down for my 4 tips for finding inspiration for your next crafts project!

1) What is Tangi?

Tangi is a short-form video app developed by the team at Google’s Area 120 where you can “try new ideas.” Videos range from 15 seconds up to 2 minutes long. The name comes from TeAch aNd GIve and it’s pronounced like an exaggerated beginning of the word tangible — “Tan-jee.” Tangi started as a place for crafts, DIY, beauty, and food videos, but it has expanded to include comedy, travel, and more. Unlike some other short-form video platforms, Tangi creators currently have to apply and be approved by Google, so the video quality is very good.

2) How do I watch Tangi videos?

Tangi videos can be watched from your browser at You can download the app onto your iOS device from the Apple App Store or onto your Android device from the Google Play Store. While you can watch videos in your browser, for full access to features including “Try It,” you’ll need to use the app.

3) Do I need to sign in to watch a Tangi video?

You can watch Tangi videos in your browser without being signed in but you’ll need to sign in to access the app on your iOS or Android device. But, signing in is super easy because you can use your Google account that you probably already have for Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, or other Google services. You can also use more features, such as adding a heart, commenting, or posting a “Try It,” when you are signed in.

4) What types of videos can I find on Tangi?

When Tangi started, there were just a few categories available, but it’s been growing steadily. As of July, 2020, you can watch videos in each of the following categories:

  • Art including clay, digital art, drawing & painting, and lettering tutorials and inspiration,
  • Beauty including fashion, hair, and makeup tips,
  • Cook including baking, cooking, drinks, and vegetarian recipes and plating and party ideas,
  • DIY including Cricut, macrame, papercrafts, sewing and quilting, wood crafts, and yarn crafts (knitting, crocheting, weaving) tutorials and ideas,
  • Decor including home and plant (indoor and garden) ideas and tutorials,
  • Lifestyle including comedy, fitness, language, music, professional, and travel videos, and
  • Parents including fun ideas for crafts projects, science experiments, and learning activities you can do with kids.

Many Tangi videos are complete in the short time frame. Others link out to longer tutorials on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram if you need more details.

5) How can I “Try It” on Tangi?

Tangi has an awesome feature called “Try It” available when you’re signed in to the app. You can share a photo of something you made from a Tangi video! This video by Rachel Faye Carter, a popular artist on Tangi, shows you exactly how to “Try It.”

A “Try It” on one of my videos.

6) How do I become a Tangi creator?

If you enjoy creating short videos (up to 1 minute long, if you have less than 100 followers, or up to 2 minutes long once you exceed 100 followers), and if those videos could fit into the categories of Art, Beauty, Cook, DIY, Decor, Lifestyle, and/or Parents, you can apply to be a Tangi creator here.

4 Tips for Finding Inspiration for Your Next Crafts Project on Tangi

Now that you know the basics of using Tangi, I’m going to share my 4 tips for finding inspiration for your next crafts project on Tangi.

1) Find and follow your favorite creators

A lot of your favorite craft creators are already on Tangi. Here’s a list of eight of my personal favorite crafts accounts for you to follow.

2) Use Tangi search

Find more creators or projects by using the search bar at the top. Keep your search terms simple, like a specific craft (origami) or a creator’s name.

As you find great videos, click on the creator’s name to follow their account.

3) Browse Tangi categories

Browse through the latest and most popular videos using the categories. Click or tap on the category, and you can choose “all” or select a subcategory.

Follow the creators you like to get more recommendations of accounts to follow.

4) Check notifications

Once you’ve followed some of your favorites, you’ll get notifications when they post new videos. As with other apps, you can set your preferences to allow the Tangi app to alert you with notifications, or you can choose to check your notifications only when you’re signed in.

I hope you’ve found these tips for using Tangi helpful! If you have other questions about using Tangi, let me know and I’ll be happy to answer.

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