Pretty Knitted Hands Book Review with Excerpted Pattern: Sigrid wrist warmers

Pretty Knitted Hands: Mittens & Wrist Warmers for All Seasons by Clara Falk and Kamila Svanlund | Book review, excerpt pattern (Sigrid wrist warmers), and giveaway on Underground CrafterI’m excited to share a knitting book review with a giveaway. I’ve also included an excerpted pattern, so read on for details!

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Book Review

Pretty Knitted Hands: Mittens & Wrist Warmers for All Seasons is a pattern collection by Swedish bloggers, Clara Falk and Kamilla Svanlund. (Sofia Brolin provides graphic design and illustration.) The book opens with brief bios of the authors and the illustrator on the inside cover and continues to thumbnails of each design as a table of contents.

The Forward explains that mittens are great projects because they are versatile and because they are ideal small projects for trying new techniques. The book continues into a 7-page Techniques section which provides more information about opting to use double pointed needles (DPNs) or the magic loop (on circular needles) for small circumference knitting in the round; a refresher of four different cast ons, the Latvian braid, I-Cord, and five decreases and increases; and reading pattern abbreviations. This section includes written explanations and cute illustrations. While the illustrations are really pretty and clearly presented, they have just a few steps, so this book is definitely best for knitters who already have basic stitches down and aren’t looking for full, step-by-step tutorials.

Now, the patterns are introduced. These are arranged seasonally, with 8 spring/summer patterns, 7 autumn patterns, and 12 winter patterns. Eighteen patterns include some form of color work. Each pattern includes at least one full page photo of the design on a model. The photos are mostly taken outdoors and are beautifully styled. The photographer also took care to show the details of each mitten or wrist warmer in the photos. Most patterns also have several close up or detail pictures. Each pattern includes sizing, materials, and tension/gauge. Instructions use pattern abbreviations translated from Swedish. The pattern writing style assumes comfort with basic knitting techniques and pattern reading, so most would be best suited to an intermediate knitter (or an adventurous, advanced beginner). Twenty-five patterns also include charts for color work, lace, or cable sections.

The book is beautifully presented and the photography is stunning. It is definitely the type of book that you will enjoy flipping through for inspiration. Like all pattern collections, your enjoyment of the book will be based on how many patterns you want to make. (You can see all 27 designs from this book on its Ravelry source page.) Knitters who enjoy color work (or, who want to learn different color techniques on a small project) will likely enjoy this book the most.

Pretty Knitted Hands: Mittens & Wrist Warmers for All Seasons by Clara Falk and Kamila Svanlund | Book review, excerpt pattern (Sigrid wrist warmers), and giveaway on Underground Crafter

If you have mastered the basic knitting stitches and want to challenge yourself with color work; if you enjoy making small, portable projects; or if you like to wear (or gift) wrist warmers and mittens, you should definitely check out Pretty Knitted Hands.


Knitting Pattern by Clara Falk & Kamilla Svanlund

Published in Pretty Knitted Hands

Pattern text and photograph © 2013 Kamilla Svanlund, Clara Falk, Ewa Andinsson och Andina Förlag & Produktion AB. English Translation by Burravoe Translation Services. Shared with permission from Search Press North America.

Pretty Knitted Hands: Mittens & Wrist Warmers for All Seasons by Clara Falk and Kamila Svanlund | Book review, excerpt pattern (Sigrid wrist warmers), and giveaway on Underground Crafter

Romantic, summery wrist warmers in linen


  • Circumference: 21cm (8¼in) at widest point, 13cm (5in) at narrowest
  • Length of thumb gusset: 7cm (2¾in)
  • From end of thumb gusset to end of wrist warmer: 5cm (2in)


  • Needles: 3mm (UK 11, US 3)
  • Crochet hook: 0.6mm (UK 6, US 14)
  • Yarn: Karin Öberg Kalinka Lingarn 320m/350yds/100g, 100% linen 1 skein: Himmel
  • Beads: approx. 50, size 7/0


  • 22 sts x 28 rows = 10 x 10cm (4 x 4in) in stocking stitch (US stockinette stitch)

Crocheting in the Beads

Thread the bead onto the crochet hook and insert the crochet hook into the front of the stitch as if you were going to purl it. Draw the stitch through the bead and place the stitch back onto the left needle.


  • Cast on 40 sts and work in rib for 8 rows: *K2, p2*, repeat from * to * to end. Knit one row.
  • Row 10: K8, k2tog, YO, k1, YO, ssk, k27.
  • Row 11. K.
  • Repeat these two rows.
  • At every 4th row, crochet a bead into the stitch between the YOs.
  • Start decreases 2.5cm (1in) from the end of the ribbing: K29, k2tog, pm, ssk, k7.
  • The decrease row is repeated five times, every 8th row. Knit the pattern in parallel with the decreases.

Thumb Gusset

  • Start the thumb gusset 61 rows (about 19cm/7½in) from the end of the ribbing. This is knitted 7 sts from the stitch between the YOs, which means increases on both sides of the first stitch on the left wrist warmer and the 22nd stitch on the right wrist warmer. Place a marker each side of the stitch and increase inside the markers.
  • Increase as follows: pick up a stitch on either side of stitch 1 and 22 respectively by lifting up the horizontal piece of yarn between two stitches and knitting through the back loop. Repeat five times, every 4th row. You will now have 13 sts between the markers.
  • Work another row and then put the 13 sts onto a piece of scrap yarn. Increase 1 st and continue to work in pattern. Work another 9 rows (make sure you finish with a Row 10). Then work 7 rows of ribbing and cast off in rib.


  • Put the 13 sts from the scrap yarn back onto the needles. Pick up 3 sts around thumb hole (20 sts on needles). *K2, p2*, repeat from * to * to end of row for 4 rows. Cast off.


  • Fasten off all ends and block the wrist warmers.


Pretty Knitted Hands: Mittens & Wrist Warmers for All Seasons by Clara Falk and Kamila Svanlund | Book review, excerpt pattern (Sigrid wrist warmers), and giveaway on Underground Crafter

So now that you’ve read the review and checked out the sample pattern, I’m sure you’d like to get your hands on a copy of Pretty Knitted Hands: Mittens & Wrist Warmers for All Seasons. The nice folks at Search Press North America have set aside a copy for one lucky reader!

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