Crocheter’s Gift Guide: Gift-Worthy (and Wishlist-Worthy) Crochet Hooks

Crocheter's Gift Guide to Gift-Worthy Crochet Hooks on Underground Crafter | Most crocheters will agree that you can never have too many crochet hooks. This gift guide is perfect for finding a gift for your favorite crocheter (or for sharing with your friends and family as a wishlist).

As we get closer to the winter holidays, I’ll be sharing several crafty gift guides. These are great for finding gifts for your crafty friends and family, or for sharing (not so subtly) with your loved ones who don’t craft!

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This gift guide is all about crochet hooks. Most crocheters will agree that you can never have too many crochet hooks. After all, many of us have multiple projects in progress at the same time, which means that our favorite hook may be unavailable at the moment. And, for people that crochet everyday, “comfort hooks” can go a long way to keeping hands healthy and strong.

Best Luxury Comfort Hook: Furls

Furls Heirloom Wood #Crochet Hooks (Alpha Series) review on Underground Crafter

Furls hooks are known for their luxurious feel. They come packaged beautifully, so they make great gifts. You can read my full review of their Heirloom “Alpha Series” wooden hooks here. If the $79 price tag on the Alpha Series is a bit outside of your budget, consider the Candy Shop hooks ($49/each) or Odyssey hooks ($29/each). These hooks are designed to last, look beautiful, and keep your hands comfortable.

Best Interchangeable Crochet Hook Set/Versatile Crochet Hooks/Portable Crochet Hooks: Denise2Go Crochet for a Cure 2 Hook Set

I’m a long time fan of Denise crochet hooks. The classic Denise interchangeable hook set is one of the most affordable sets of interchangeable hooks on the market. The hooks are easy to use, sturdy, and comfortable — and made in the United States. You can read my full review of the Denise2Go kit, but my new favorite set is the Denise2Go Crochet for a Cure 2 Hook Set. Like all Denise interchangeable hooks, these can be used for “standard” crochet, Tunisian crochet, double-ended Tunisian crochet, AND knooking (knitting with a crochet hook), making them the most versatile set on the market.

The Denise2Go Crochet for a Cure 2 Hook Set includes 2 of each hook in 10 sizes from U.S. size F-5/3.75 mm through U.S. size N-15/10 mm, 7 cords in 5 different sizes, 4 end buttons, and 2 extenders for just $74.95. Each purchase also includes a $5 donation to a charity supporting breast cancer research. The whole set rolls up into a palm sized kit that’s perfect for travel. You can see the set in action in my tutorial for the Tunisian Extended Knit Scarf pattern.

Best Everyday Comfort Hooks: Tulip Etimo

Crocheter's Gift Guide to Gift-Worthy Crochet Hooks on Underground Crafter | Most crocheters will agree that you can never have too many crochet hooks. This gift guide is perfect for finding a gift for your favorite crocheter (or for sharing with your friends and family as a wishlist).If you’re looking for a comfort hook that’s more affordable, try Tulip Etimo. These are my everyday comfort hooks that I use for most projects at home. They have an elastometric grip with a tapered, aluminum hook. It’s easy to keep your grip and, because of the handle, the hook doesn’t get sweaty or cold the way that metal hooks normally do. The Tulip Etimo hooks are available in gold with a silver handle or in silver with a pink handle (the “Rose” series”). You can buy the 8-hook gold set on Craftsy or individual hooks on Jo-Ann. The retail price is $11.99/hook or $85 for the set, which includes a case, a ruler, scissors, and yarn needles.

Best One-of-A-Kind Handmade Crochet Hook: Craftwich

Crocheters appreciate handmade gifts, but when it’s completely customized and one-of-a-kind, that makes it extra special! Craftwich is an Etsy seller who offers custom hand-carved wooden crochet hooks for $20. I had the chance to try one out last year (and you can read my full review here), and it was pretty awesome! I shared a short video of myself crocheting with Monica, the maker behind Craftwich, and she designed a hook that works with the way in which I crochet. (You can also answer a survey instead.) You can watch my custom hook in action in the review video below.

Other Crochet Hooks That Make Great Gifts

If you’re looking for other options, here are some of the hooks I’ve used over the years that I’ve enjoyed.

I hope you enjoyed the crochet hook gift guide! Do you have a favorite set of hooks I didn’t include? Let me know in the comments!


Crochet Hook Review and Giveaway: Lantern Moon Featherlight Hooks

Every Sunday during National Crochet Month 2013, I’ll be reviewing crochet hooks.  Today’s post features Featherlight crochet hooks, along with a giveaway for one hook, courtesy of Lantern Moon Handcrafted.

Lantern Moon has a beautiful, sustainably produced wooden hook for all of you inline hook lovers!

Lantern Moon Featherlight crochet hook.
Lantern Moon Featherlight crochet hook.

The Featherlight is made with an eco-friendly wood with a rich, dark color.  Like most inline hooks, it has a flat throat.  The hook has a long thumb rest.  I found the tip to be slightly pointier than most inline hooks, which I liked.  The end of the handle has a nice decorative look to it.

The wood is finished smoothly, and has a wonderful feeling against the hand.  As the name suggests, it is very light weight.  According to Lantern Moon, the wood is “organically treated to add density and hardness.” The hook size (in US letter, number, and mm) is written in white towards the center of the handle, and is highly visible against the contrast of the dark wood.

There aren’t any unusual features on the handle that change its shape, so this hook would be ideal for all different types of crochet.  You could even make a small Tunisian crochet project on this hook, because while the thumb rest is long, it doesn’t taper outwards as so many do so it wouldn’t stretch out your stitches.

This would be a great hook for a crocheter who prefers an inline hook, who prefers purchasing eco-friendly and ethically produced products, and/or who enjoys the comfortable feeling of a wooden hook.

The hooks are available in US letter sizes from D through K.  The retail price of the hooks are $18.90.

And, it’s no secret that I love my Tulip Etimo crochet hooks.  These are probably the set I use most regularly.  Lantern Moon is now U.S. distributor for these and other Tulip products!

Full disclosure: A free review sample of this product was provided by Lantern Moon. Although I accept free products for review, I do not accept additional compensation from the distributor/manufacturer, nor do I guarantee a positive review.  My reviews are based entirely on my honest opinions. You can read my complete review disclosure here.


When I contacted the nice folks at Lantern Moon to tell them about my plans to review a variety of crochet hooks during NatCroMo13, they were generous enough to send along a Featherlight US size I-9/5.5 mm hook for a giveaway for one lucky reader.

Lantern Moon prize pack

This giveaway is open internationally.  Enter by 11:59 p.m. Eastern time on Saturday, April 6, 2013.

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Great Gifts for Yarncrafters

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Happy Thanksgiving!

In the U.S., the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday) signifies the official start of the holiday shopping season.  In the spirit of keeping the holidays a little more handmade and small business and a little less mass produced and corporate, I’m sharing several holiday gift guides today.

Great Gifts for Yarncrafters

There are so many great gifts out there for yarncrafters that I hardly know where to begin.


Books are great gifts for yarncrafters, but with so many options out there, it can be hard to choose.


CRAFT magazine posted a Craft Kits gift guide for 2011.  Here are some of my favorites.

Double Drop Spindle Maple Wood Yarn Spinning Kit from Maine Woods Yarn & Fiber. (Image used with permission.)


Classes are so fun!  Not only can you learn new techniques and projects, but you get to meet more people who share your passion for knitting and crocheting.


Most yarncrafters are always on the look out for new (and more) yarn.  Buying yarn for someone else can be daunting though.

  • Look for tips for color and yarn weight in their Ravelry project pages.
  • Or pick up something unique, like a handspun or hand dyed yarn, or something that isn’t available in their community, like small batch yarn ordered online.
  • Check Ravelry’s Black Friday Yarn Sale thread in Needlework on the Net for weekend sales.
  • I’ve had the pleasure of being introduced to some wonderful yarns from several small companies this year.  You may want to check out A Stash AddictBitsy Knits, or Chopped Tomatoes Design Kitchen.  Other yarns that I’ve admired from a distance but haven’t yet tried include Candy SkeinFunky Monkey, and Swoon Fibers.
Emerald Forest colorway from A Stash Addict.
  • A gift certificate to a LYS is another option, if you are worried about making the final decision yourself.
  • And, of course, I wrote about my favorite yarns here if you are still looking for ideas.

Hooks and Needles

Crochet hooks and/or knitting needles make great gifts, especially if you pick out something special.

Show Your Appreciation

Making things by hand is a labor of love.  Show your appreciation with a set of This Took Forever woven labels from Sublime Stitching and maybe you’ll get a homemade gift in return :).


Does your favorite yarncrafter have a wishlist?  I rely on the Add to Amazon Wishlist browser button to keep my wishlist organized in one spot.  (Hint: If you are a yarncrafter hoping people will get you awesome holiday gifts, maybe you should do that, too! You can even add patterns from Ravelry so that non-members can see them from the pattern purchase page.)

Enjoy the last gift guide, and feel free to share your favorite gifts for yarncrafters in the comments!