Free Pattern: Tadley’s Diagonal Blanket

My regular blog readers know I have a soft spot in my heart for baby blankets. I actually love crocheting blankets in general, but by the time I get about halfway through a full sized blanket, I’m usually questioning my own sanity. Baby blankets are much faster to make, and they always seem to be cherished by parents and babies alike.

Last year, one of my dearest friends was expecting her first born, and I knew I had to make something special. I had recently finished the sample for the Checkerboard Cable Scarf that was published in Love of Knitting‘s Holiday, 2013 issue.

blog LoK Checkerboard Cable Scarf

Photo (c) Creative Crafts Group, LLC.
The generous folks at King Cole had sent me quite a lot more Merino Blend Aran than what was required for the scarf, and I knew my friend was having a boy.
King Cole Merino Blend Aran
I had 9 skeins in each color left after knitting the scarf!
The white and blue seemed like just the right colors for his blanket, and the easy care of the superwash wool seemed a great fit for a newborn.
blog Tadley blanket folded1
I used double-ended crochet because it looks great – but different – on both sides, and it makes a nice, thick blanket. After all, Tadley was due in late December, so I thought he might need something very warm for his stroller or car seat during the winter.
blog Tadley blanket blue1 edit
To combat the love-hate relationship I develop with all of my crocheted blankets during the last few rows, I crocheted this on the bias, increasing towards the center and then decreasing until the end. Once I reached the center, each row was shorter than the one before it, so finishing the blanket was a breeze.
blog Tadley blanket white1
Well, almost a breeze. On the last few rows, I ran out of yarn. I ordered one extra skein in each color, and by some strange miracle, both skeins were from the same dye lots as the yarn I received from King Cole almost five months before.
blog Tadley blanket triangle on chair blue

This blanket is very lush and thick, and works equally well as a playmat in the spring or a stroller blanket in the winter. Gauge isn’t critical, and it can be easily resized (though you may need more or less yarn).
blog Tadley blanket triangle on chair white edit
I used a flexible double-ended crochet hook made from my Denise 2go interchangeable crochet hook set, but my pattern testers used other types of double-ended crochet hooks, including long, straight hooks.

You can download the free pattern for Tadley’s Diagonal Blanket here.

You can also find the pattern as a Ravelry download here, or on the Knitter’s Pride Blog here (along with a giveaway through May, 2014). I hope you have as much fun making this blanket as I did!

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