Year of Projects: Crochet Master Class – Bullion stitch blocks, week 2

Posted by Underground Crafter on February 26, 2012 | Short Link

(This post is part of my Year of ProjectsCrochet Master Class series. You can read the other posts in this series here.)

I was under the weather this week, and I’m taking the Craft Yarn Council Certified Instructor’s Program in Knitting this weekend (14 hours of fun, preceded by many days of swatch making), so I haven’t made as much progress with my bullion stitch blocks as I would like.  I did share an update on Wednesday.

I finished one Poppy Bullion Block, with several added black borders to bring it up to 12″.

This is such a fun block. I definitely recommend it.

I’m so excited that Heartmade Blessings only wants 12″ squares with all of the ends unwoven.  Yes, folks, you heard that right.  Apparently, they received too many donations where people just cut off the yarn when they were finished, tied a little knot, and then everything unraveled later.  So since they can’t tell if your ends are woven in or don’t exist at all, they ask you to leave a 6″ tail at the start and end of every color.  This has admittedly made me more interested in blocks with multiple color changes :).

I hope to have a lot more to show for my bullion stitch explorations next week.

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  • I can completely understand how frustrated the organizers must be with short or knotted ends, but I can’t imagine how much added work that must be for the volunteers who assemble the blankets.

    Your black border really contrasts nicely with all those brights! Pretty! Hopefully you feel better soon.

  • Ruth says:

    I love the black on your square, it just frames all those pretty colours so well.
    Oh my I sure wouldn’t like to be the one weaving in all those ends lol but I can see how lots of colours would now appeal more.

  • Sandy says:

    Sorry you’ve been under the weather and hope you feel better soon. As I sit here and type, my head fills like a big balloon, so full and fuzzy from allergies/sinus and the meds. Argh.

    Good luck on the classes. I was floored awhile back when I saw Heartmade blessings had made the request to have no ends woven in. I’ve assembled many ghans from donated squares and the extra time it takes to do what, I believe is someone else’s job is annoying. In my charity, I ask repeatly for folks to make sure and weave their ends in, to not tie and cut etc. I examine the squares carefully and do lay some aside. Some I try to repair, some sadly have to be tossed (thankfully not many). I don’t understand, no one makes anyone donate, so if you commit to that…what wouldn’t you do a finished job? All afghans are washed and blocked so I can see if something isn’t sturdy enough. Though, I don’t discourage solid squares…lol, less chance of a mishap.
    Cool squares.

    • Sandy, unfortunately sometimes there is an attitude that “beggars can’t be choosers” – in other words, that the charity should accept any ole thing for its recipients. But I teach crochet and I can’t tell you how many people have crocheted for years (I’m talking like 30 years) and are blown away when I talk about weaving in ends, because all along they haven’t been doing that. Some people leave strings hanging off, others have knots tied. It can also be a lack of knowledge.

  • Kim says:

    What a unique pattern! The colors are beautiful and the black certainly does set them off. Lucky for you about the end weaving, but awful for the person stuck with that job for all the donations! Hope this week finds you feeling better –

  • Faith says:

    Hope you feel a lot better soon!

    Love that square as I’ve said before, the colours are very zingy! I have nightmares about ends going ‘ping’ and everything falling apart, so the very idea of someone else doing it is very appealing!

  • Kepanie says:

    That is such a fun and festive block!
    How do you like this master class certification process? What does it mean to be one?

    • Thanks, Kepanie.

      I enjoyed the class. I’ve completed the Crochet Instructors Program in 2007, so I’m pretty familiar with overall structure of the program. The certification program basically teaches you how to teach knitting and gives you some resources you can use in your classes (like stitch illustrations). For some teaching jobs, it is required; for others, it is preferred. And, of course, for some places, the certification isn’t necessary at all, but I found the information from the class helps me improve my teaching skills.

  • Kate says:

    That’s a beautiful block, I love it!Somehow it reminds me of Spanish ceramic tiles.

    I would not want to be the person weaving in those ends. Oh no.

  • Emma says:

    Not having to weave in the ends would make me very happy!And the block is lovely

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