4 Ways Your Teenager’s Love of Crochet or Knitting Can Help with College Life

If you’re a longtime reader of Underground Crafter, you may know that I don’t actually crochet and knit full time (though who wouldn’t want to??). One of the many things I do in the rest of my life (besides all the boring stuff like laundry) is work with a nearby non-profit organization, Policy Studies in … Read more

Take the 7-Day Switch Up with Viva® Vantage®

This post is sponsored by Viva® Vantage®. Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a Viva® Vantage® live event in Brooklyn, my native borough, hosted by Amy from Selfish Mom and the Parenting Bytes podcast. Viva® Vantage® is encouraging people to try its 7-Day Switch Up. We all get stuck in our routines from time to … Read more


Last May, MC and I lost our dear furry friend to a rapidly progressing illness. We were both devastated. Our only solace was discovering My Cat from Hell and thinking about the happy memories we shared with our cat. We didn’t plan to adopt again soon, but we were convinced we’d be even better cat parents this … Read more

Interview with me on The Solopreneur Life!

What better way to celebrate NatCroMo than to spread the word about crochet?  Today, Larry Keltto at The Solopreneur Life shared an interview with me as part of his “How I Made My First $10,000” series. You can find the interview, about my experience starting and growing Underground Crafter part-time, here.  You can also follow Larry’s blog to … Read more

2012 Year in Review: (Non-crafty) Books!

This post contains affiliate links. One of my goals for 2012 was to read more.  Last year around this time, I was feeling like some sort of statistic – you know, featured in all those doomsday articles you see online about how people don’t read anymore.  Then my colleagues gifted me a Kindle Fire for Christmas … Read more

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5 Secrets for Improving Your Crochet Skills