22 Free Crochet and Knitting Patterns for Blue Hats

In today’s roundup, I’m sharing 22 free crochet and knitting hat patterns, including slouchies, beanies, sack hats, and more. Each of these patterns is made with blue yarn, though you are welcome to make your version in your favorite color. This post contains affiliate links. I may receive compensation (at no added cost to you) … Read more

Crochet Pattern: Phoenix Wrap, Part 3: Borders

I’m sharing the third and final section of the Phoenix Wrap Crochet-a-Long: the pattern for the borders. Since this long rectangular shawl is so versatile, I’ve also included pictures of several styling options, along with a video to show you even more ways to wear your Phoenix Wrap. This post contains affiliate links. I may … Read more

Crochet Pattern: Phoenix Wrap, Part 2: Side Panels

This is the second part of the Phoenix Wrap Crochet-a-Long, a free crochet pattern for a rectangular shawl available in 3 parts. This part is for the side panels, which add width to your Phoenix Wrap before the final border. The Phoenix Wrap makes a stunning statement shawl that can be worn in a variety … Read more

Announcing the Phoenix Wrap Crochet-a-Long!

I’m so excited to kick off the Phoenix Wrap Crochet-a-Long with Lion Brand and Sue Rock Originals Everyone, Inc. This is a free crochet shawl pattern available in three parts that is suitable for donation to survivors of domestic violence. It’s your project, so you can also keep your version, gift it, or sell it. … Read more

Knitting Pattern: Bird Tracks Beanie

The Bird Tracks Beanie features a textured, traveling stitch pattern. Pick your favorite method (knit flat and seamed, or knit seamlessly in the round) to make your version. This is a bonus pattern for the Hummingbird Hat and Baby Bird Blanket Knit-a-Long, and it uses the same stitch pattern as the Baby Bird Blanket. The … Read more

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