Free pattern: Twisted crocodile stitch keyhole scarf

I am pleased to share another free pattern in collaboration with Galler Yarns!

Download Twisted Crocodile Stitch Keyhole Scarf PDF Pattern.

I actually finished this keyhole scarf around Thanksgiving, but have been waiting to release the pattern before sharing pictures.  (I took these pictures in Central Park on the same day as my Chubby Sheep free pattern photos, so you may see some background similarities.)

I love keyhole scarves.  I commute on the subway and share a work space (and coat rack) with many people, so I don’t like carrying around a lot of big stuff in the winter because there is no place to keep it.  If you’ve been to New York City in January, though, you know you still need to bundle up  in the winter.  A keyhole scarf is my compromise because it keeps you warm but is small enough to stuff in your pocket when you hang up your coat.  (Hint: It is also a great last minute gift, since it is much faster to make than a full length scarf!)

This is a self-portrait of me wearing the completed twisted crocodile stitch keyhole scarf.

I made this keyhole scarf using Galler’s Heather Prime Alpaca.  This yarn is a DK/sport/#3 weight superfine alpaca grown from Peru.  I love alpaca yarns, and Heather Prime Alpaca is super soft.  Somehow, even though I didn’t pick the color myself, the folks at Galler Yarns must have known that I love everything in the purple family because they sent me color 207, which is a heather purple.  The yarn skein is so large (0.5 lbs or 600 yards!) that you can make two of these keyhole scarves with one skein, and still have some yarn to spare.

Here’s a more artsy self-portrait, in black and white.

I really have to thank my pattern testers, Daynawithay, patriciaelizabeth, soxvixen, and ss9904 on Ravelry, for all of their great suggestions, including the one about reducing the size of the keyhole in the final pattern.

Here’s a detail of the keyhole opening. It is small to keep the warmth inside.

I really had a lot of fun with this stitch…

Here’s a stitch detail.  You can see the yummy heatheriness (ok, I know it isn’t a word) of the yarn.

… but it was hard to explain.  So I included a one page photo tutorial in the pattern.

A picture from the photo tutorial.

I took the pictures for the tutorial over the weekend at my sister’s place.  She has great natural lighting and a white desk, so I didn’t even need a background piece.

If you like the pattern, please show it some love on Ravelry!

For more finished objects, visit Tami’s Amis!

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