Crochet Pattern: Street Smart Beanie by Frauke Kiedaisch

Free crochet pattern: Street Smart Beanie by Frauke Kiedaisch via Underground CrafterI’m sharing a pattern for a striped, slouchy beanie by Frauke Kiedaisch.

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This pattern was originally published in Crocheted Beanies (Twenty to Make) and it’s also published in 100 Little Crochet Gifts to Make, a collection from Search Press including patterns from eight books by five designers. This is one of five pattern excerpts I’m sharing from the book. You can find links to the other four patterns (and enter the giveaway to win a copy of the book before August 16, 2017) here. Enjoy!

Free crochet pattern: Street Smart Beanie by Frauke Kiedaisch via Underground Crafter

Street Smart Beanie

Crochet Pattern by Frauke Kiedaisch

Published in 100 Little Crochet Gifts to Make (and in Crocheted Beanies).

Pattern and Photo © 2016 frechverlag GmbH (Stuttgart, Germany) and Search Press Ltd. Shared with permission from Search Press North America.

Free crochet pattern: Street Smart Beanie by Frauke Kiedaisch via Underground Crafter

Notes from Underground Crafter:


  • 1 ball each of aran tweed yarn in silver grey, raspberry, lavender and plum; 50g/126yd/115m


  • Sizes 4.5mm (US 7, UK 7) and 6mm (US J/10, UK 4) crochet hooks


  • Head circumference 21¼–23in (54–58cm)

Gauge (tension) sample:

  • Rounds 1–2 of the crochet pattern using the 4.5mm (US 7, UK 7) hook = 3¾in (9.5cm) diameter and rounds 1–5 = 7in (18cm).

Basic pattern

  • Work rounds 1–10 following the chart below and using the colours listed in ‘Changing colours’ below. The rounds are shown in full. Start the round with 1, 3 or 4 ch and end with a sl st into the 1st, 3rd or 4th ch of the start of the round respectively. The foundation ch of a round is made up each time of 1 dc (UKtr) and 1 tr (UKdtr) and 1 sc (UKdc) respectively. The numbers show the round transitions each time. Always crochet the dctog (UKtrtog) and trtog (UKdtrtog) around the ch of the previous round. For each puff , work dc3tog (UKtr3tog) in the same st.
Free crochet pattern: Street Smart Beanie by Frauke Kiedaisch via Underground Crafter

Click on chart to enlarge.

Changing colours

  • Work 1 round each in silver, raspberry, lavender and plum. Repeat this sequence once more. Work rounds 9 and 10 in silver grey and then work rounds 11–18 as explained below. When changing colour, the new colour should be introduced on the last loop of the st just before the st that will be made in the new colour to give a perfect colour transition.


  • If the new colour begins with a few sts before the start of the next round, always continue crocheting with 1 sl st in the new colour at the appropriate place.



  • Start the beanie at the crown and work down to the bottom edge.
  • Using the 4.5mm (US 7, UK 7) crochet hook and silver-grey yarn, begin with 5 ch and join into a ring with a sl st.
  • Rounds 1–10: Work following the chart (see above) and ‘Changing colours’ (above), working the first round into the ring. After round 10 there will be 88 sts. Now work as follows, closing up each round with a sl st:
  • Round 11 (raspberry): Work as for round 6, including the start of round by alternately working 1 puff into each 2nd dc (UKtr) of the previous round and then 1 ch.
  • Round 12 (lavender): 3 ch (= 1 dc/UKtr), work 1 dc (UKtr) around 1 ch of the previous round * , work 2 dc (UKtr) around the following ch of the previous round * , rep from * to * around.
  • Round 13 (plum): 3 ch (= 1 dc/UKtr), work dc2tog (UKtr2tog) all around (44 sts).
  • Round 14 (silver grey): 3 ch (= 1 dc/UKtr), dc (UKtr) into each st around (44 sts).
  • Round 15 (raspberry): 2 ch (= 1 hdc/UKhtr), hdc (UKhtr) into each st around.
  • Rounds 16–18 (lavender band): For the edge, change to the 6mm (US J/10, UK 4) hook and work another 3 rounds of sc (UKdc), starting each round with 1 ch and closing up with a sl st. Fasten off and weave in all loose ends.

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  1. Nora
    February 4, 2018 / 6:36 pm

    A message for Frauke Kiedaisch. This is the most beautiful crochet beanie I have ever seen. Though I don’t know how to read charts, I learned by making it through trial and error. There appears to be in error in the transition to row 5. I encourage you to post the correction for the chart on Ravelry. Also I encourage you to post the written directions. I am surprised that just 3 people have posted their completed beanie. Perhaps people are intimidated to tackle the chart. Congratulations for designing a gorgeous pattern.

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