Crochet Pattern: Bobble Berry Washcloth

I’m kicking off CAL Central’s 2018 Washcloth Crochet Along with the Bobble Berry Washcloth, a free crochet pattern for a textured washcloth in the granny square style. This washcloth uses post stitches and bobbles to create a gentle, exfoliating texture. If you’re new to bobble and post stitches, I’ve included… View Post

Crochet Pattern: Kodiak Bear Pillow Pal

The Kodiak Bear Pillow Pal is a very large pillow pal, indeed. Like its namesake, it is designed to fit over the largest round pillow form. It has flat features so you can use it as a floor cushion, too. I am so excited to share the free crochet pattern… View Post

Book Review: Granny Squares Weekend by Emma Varnam with Excerpted Pattern for Panda Comforter (Lovey)

In today’s Granny Square Month post, I’m sharing a review of a granny square pattern collection by Emma Varnam, along with an adorable crochet pattern for a panda lovey. This post contains affiliate links. I may receive compensation (at no added cost to you) if you make a purchase using… View Post

Crochet Pattern: Gift Pocket Red Panda

The Gift Pocket Red Panda amigurumi pattern combines two of my favorite crochet projects: granny squares and amigurumi! This portly, huggable critter is based on the red panda, one of the most unusual looking mammals. A rectangular granny square sewn to the belly is just the right size for fitting… View Post

Book Review: Crochet Blocks by Agnieszka Strycharska with Excerpted Patterns for Motif 2 and Skirt

In today’s Granny Square Month post, I’m sharing a review of a gorgeous crochet book including patterns for 60 motifs and 15 projects usings these motifs by Agnieszka Strycharska. I’m also sharing an excerpted pattern from that book for a beautiful granny square skirt, so read on for details! This… View Post