Getting started as a local needlecrafts teacher

Getting Started as a Local Needlecrafts Teacher, a series of articles on Underground CrafterUpdate: This series is a great introduction to teaching, but since I originally wrote it in 2011, it has become outdated. If you’re looking for a more robust (and updated) approach to teaching, check out my book, Make Money Teaching Crochet: Launch Your Business, Increase Your Side Income, Reach More Students.

Recently while updating my email contacts I discovered that I have taught over 100 people to crochet or knit since 2008!  That is pretty awesome (to me anyway), considering that I work full-time in another field and also have a part-time academic job.

I’m in several teaching groups on Ravelry, and the topic of how to get started as a local needlecrafts teacher comes up periodically.  To celebrate the breaking of the 100 beginner student barrier, I’m writing a series of posts on starting out as a local needlecrafts teacher.

Feel free to contribute if you are currently teaching needlecrafts or dreaming of teaching needlecrafts!

Part 1: Getting started

Part 2: Credentials, or do I really that certification?

Part 3: Location, Location, Location

Part 4: Drumming up business

Part 5: Preparing for class

Part 6: Staying creative and current

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