Vintage crochet finds

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Since getting an amazing deal on Modular Crochet: A Revolutionary New Method for Creating Custom-Design Pullovers, I have started amassing vintage crochet books at a rapid pace.  My favorite sources are (free books!),, and Etsy. I was inspired to share my recent finds with you by this post by Andi at Untangling Knots.  Following Andi’s lead, I am limiting your exposure to the scary projects.

Vintage crochet fashion books.

I’ve already posted my favorite pictures from Modular Crochet (1978)  here. Here are some of my favorites from The Woman’s Day Book of Designer Crochet (1980).

I really liked Jacqueline Henderson’s take on various projects including home decor and clothing.

I found it harder to find projects I loved in Design Crochet (1978).  This book features many designers and is edited by Mark Dittrick.  Most of the projects were way over the top, late seventies style, and I couldn’t imagine making them today.  In general, even when the projects looked amazing in black and white, the color pics didn’t quite hold up.

The models in Design Crochet are all quite sassy.
Vintage home decor books.

The Great Granny Crochet Book (1979) is a retro version of Sarah London‘s Granny Square Love: A New Twist on a Crochet Classic for Your Home.  But without the awesome colors Sarah is known for :). Weekend Afghans (1987), by Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss, is the newest book in my batch, and it includes many classic afghan styles.  Decorating with Crochet (1975) by Anne Halliday is actually my favorite of the home decor bunch.

Anne definitely has a color sense to match up with Sarah London!
Vintage technique books.

Apparently, Stitch By Stitch Volume 1 (1984) was part of a multi-volume series.  Although most of the projects are pretty dated, it does have some great “how-to” photos for knitting, crochet, and other needlecrafts.  It also includes a “Shoestring” section of inexpensive projects which often feature upcycled materials.

The first page in Stitch By Stitch’s crochet tutorial.

The Coats and Clark’s Book No. 208 (1971) is something I picked up for the day when I become a hairpin lace master, while Exciting Crochet: A Course in Broomstick and Tunisian Crochet (1987) by Muriel Kent, was to add to my Tunisian crochet collection.

My copy of The Best of Woman’s Day Crochet: A Treasury of Classic and Contemporary Crochet Patterns (1976) is missing a dust jacket so I didn’t take a cover picture.  But there are some awesome projects inside.

As with Design Crochet, these fashions are best viewed in black and white.

What’s in your vintage collection?

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