Year of Projects: Crochet Master Class – Filet sachets

(This post is part of my Year of Projects: Crochet Master Class: Lessons and Projects from Today’s Top Crocheters series. Click here and here for my  previous posts about the filet crochet chapter.)

As much as working with thread and tiny hooks makes me want to hide under the blankets, a series of events last week inspired me to give the filet crochet chapter another go.

Last Thursday night, I stopped by the Save-A-Thon warehouse sale to stock up on supplies for my crochet class at the Mount Vernon Hotel Museum and Garden.  They were selling Aunt Lydia’s Classic Crochet Thread, and for some reason (unknown even to me), I added a ball to my basket.

1,000 yards in Natural.

Then, last Sunday, I walked over to the 79th Street Greenmarket Farmer’s Market to pick up some produce for dinner.  I came across the booth of Lavender by the Bay from East Marion, New York – actually, it would be more accurate to say the beautiful scent of lavender drew me to it.  I ended up taking home a bunch of dried French lavender.

Too bad WordPress doesn’t have a Smell-O-Vision plugin.

But this time, I had a reason.  I recently caught the holiday crafting bug, and I thought personalized lavender sachets would make an awesome gift.

A few days later, I stopped by Michaels to pick up some organza bags.

The next step was to remove the dried lavender from the stems and pack it into the organza bag.

I plan to make small filet pouches to go over the organza bags, using the 2-1/4″ high filet crochet alphabet charts from to make the initial of the recipient.

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