Year of Projects: Crochet Master Class – Entrelac

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Two weeks ago, I posted a poll because I wasn’t feeling motivated to continue my Crochet Master Class explorations with holiday crafting and design deadlines looming.  Thanks to you kind readers, I am now working on a crochet entrelac project.

I hope the crochet masters don’t get offended, because I decided to make another cat blanket.  My cat loves the freeform blanket so much that I was inspired to make him another one.

My freeform cat blanket.

Cat blankets seem to be perfectly suited to my exploration of this book:

  • Cat blankets are small so they work up quickly.
  • I can use my scrap yarn, especially my inexpensive scrap yarn.
  • If I’m not fond of the technique, I haven’t invested much time.
  • My cat is very appreciative of his very own little blankets.

I’ve made Tunisian entrelac for years, thanks to the amazing How to Make Tunisian Crochet Entrelac booklet by Carolyn Christmas/Gourmet Crochet, but this is my first time making single crochet entrelac.

Joyce Wyatt is the crochet master profiled in the entrelac chapter.  Although her two other entrelac patterns in the photo gallery use variegated yarn to increase the visual impact of the entrelac pattern, the scarf pattern in the book is presented in a solid red yarn.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this pattern, but I decided to use a few of the same scrap yarns I used for the freeform blanket (so my cat can have a coordinated set, I guess??).

My entrelac so far.

At this point, the project is a bit stiff, which is to be expected with all of the single crochet.  I probably could have used a larger hook, but I’m satisfied with the look for its intended purpose.  I plan to continue with this piece until it is wide enough, and then I may add Tunisian entrelac on the sides to add to the length.

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