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After a few weeks of taking detours from the lessons in Crochet Master Class: Lessons and Projects from Today’s Top Crocheters, I decided to dive back in with painted crochet.  Ferosa Harold, from Trinidad and Tobago, is the crochet master profiled in this chapter.  Her work is really stunning, and though I’m not much of a thread person, I’m contemplating buying 50 Fabulous Pineapple Motifs to Crochet, which Ferosa co-wrote with Jean Leinhauser.

This was a tough chapter to approach because you obviously need a rainbow of colors.  I don’t have a lot of reds, oranges, and yellows in my collection, and of course, I’m trying to bust stash.  I decided to open a pack of Loops & Threads Craft Cord.

This was purchased in a moment of weakness, before I was fully committed to stash busting.

Side story: Last year, I enrolled in an eight week embroidery class with my friend at the Ukranian Museum.  We decided it would be super fun since it was only $60 for 8 weeks (and 2-1/2 hours a week)!  Little did we know (though I suppose we could have guessed) that the class would be dominated by a few people who liked to debate loudly about politics within the Ukranian community.  Since neither of us are Ukranian (and both of us prefer quieter, less controversial crafting time), it wasn’t really a good fit.  Also, I realized after about two classes that my eyesight isn’t really good enough for embroidery any more, and I lack patience.  But before all of these realizations were had, I purchased this craft cord which has since been dormant in my bins.

I recently bought a new slow cooker with a ceramic insert, and I thought a rainbow trivet was in order.  I feel a bit nervous about using some of the harder trivets in the house on the ceramic.

My craft cord converted into “yarn balls.”

My plan was to create the trivet following “ROY G BIV.”  I made a bit of a mistake when winding so I realized that I couldn’t work from red to violet because I didn’t have enough violet anymore.  And, there was nothing in the pack which could be considered indigo.  So instead, I worked from violet back to red.  At least, that was the plan…

Round 1 – Two strands of violet.


Round 2 – One strand each of violet and blue.


Round 3 – Two strands of blue.


Round 4 – One strand each of blue and green.


Round 5 – Two strands of green.


Round 6 – Oops.

I made it up until round 6 before the amount of thread I had would no longer complete a round.  So, I had to make some adjustments.

Round 6 – One strand each of green and yellow (in half double crochet).


Round 7 – Two strands of yellow (in single crochet).


Round 8 – One strand each of yellow and orange (in single crochet).


Round 9 – Two strands of orange (in single crochet).

And this is what I have left.

Definitely not enough red and orange for two more rounds.


I could pull it out and start again, all in single crochet; end it here without the rest of the rainbow; or venture into the rest of my embroidery floss stash.  I’m not sure if I’ll like the look of solids combined with variegated floss.  I’ll have to think through the next steps before picking my hook up again!

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