3KCBWDAY3 – Wildcard

Today’s topic is knitting and crocheting heroes, and I think it is well known that mine is my grandma.  However, I’ve been under a lot of stress at work these days (still on that 10-12 hour a day kick) so I decided not to write a dramatic post about missing my grandma and instead fantasize about the wild card entry: crafting a perfect day.

I’ve been thinking for a while about taking some time off from work and getting away from the City (and the commute, and the daily grind, and the lines of Allman Brothers or Further fans who have been invading the neighborhood to party near the Beacon Theater for the last two months).  MC thought I should take a few days alone, without my phone, away from it all (even from him!).

Back in my first round of grad school days, I had a scholarship from the Roothbert Fund.  We were invited each year for a meeting at Pendle Hill, a Quaker retreat center near Philadelphia.  I think a short retreat to Pendle Hill would mark the start of a wonderful crafty getaway.  It would be easy for me to get there, via public transportation, so I wouldn’t have to stress about flying or spending tons of money on cabs or anything outlandish.  I remember the rooms being simple yet comfortable, and the food as being healthy and tasty.  The grounds are also beautiful.  I imagine myself bringing up a few stitch dictionaries, some of the unusual yarns in my stash that I haven’t yet dared to experiment with, and a full selection of hooks and needles.

Each morning, I would rise naturally, instead of in response to the alarm.  After breakfast, I would take a brisk walk on the grounds and look for the ideal place to crochet for that morning.  I might attend a Quaker worship service if I felt moved to do so.  And then I would spend a few hours working on a spontaneous project.

In the afternoon, I’d take another walk, and then I’d venture into Philadelphia to (what else?) check out the yarn shops.  I’ve been pretty good about my yarn diet so far this year, and I’d only buy something which seemed appealing for an immediate project.  I haven’t been yarn shopping in Philly before, but it seems like there are quite a few options (suggestions, anyone??).

In the evening, I’d settle down in my room for writing.  I’d use the time to work on some book ideas I’ve been trying to write up into proposals.  I would have my laptop with me, but I’m not sure yet if I’d allow myself internet access.  As much as I love blogging and reading other blogs, sometimes you just have to turn it off!  I’d also bring up my Kindle Fire loaded with books, so that I could spend some time reading.

After a few days, the joys of solitude might wear off (at least in regards to missing MC and my cat) and I’d venture back to New York City.  But until then, I’d explore my creativity in a beautiful environment with healthy inspirations at every corner.

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