FO Friday: Panda for my cousin

I’ve had my eye on the Lala the Panda pattern since I interviewed Stacey Trock as part of the Crocheted Softies blog tour back in December.

Stacey’s version of Lala the Panda. Photo (c) Martingale Publishing.

I wanted to make a relatively gender-neutral toy for my little nephew as part of my Holiday Stashdown Challenge.  His parents are a bit old school, so I didn’t want to offend their delicate sensibilities by making a toy that might be seen as “too girly.”  I thought Lala would be perfect.

I’m very happy with how the eyes came out.  MC always frets about how I get to the end of an amigurumi project and suddenly start rushing through the assembly.  I think eyes that are askew can be cute, but he disagrees.  I decided to take his opinion into account for this project, and after several retries, I’m glad the eyes were even.  (Yes, he did take out his laser level just to be sure.)

As for the mouth…  Well, let’s just say my opinions about things being a little askew prevailed in this matter.

I think the panda came out a bit rough and tumble, which is perfect for a 4 year old with parents with traditional views on gender roles.  If he was any cuter, there might be trouble.

It feels great to have 5 holiday gifts already made at this point in the year, and I used about 210 yards of stash yarn on this project (yay!).

You can find the details on my Ravelry project page.

For more finished objects, visit Tami’s Amis.

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