Year of Projects, Year 2: Sock saga and yarn haul

My first pair of knit socks seem to be drama queens.  Not only did they demand to be restarted several times for various reasons, but then they broke this perfectly good bamboo needles after just one day of use.

I bought these on Wednesday night after work because the small sized metal needles were really bothering my hand.  The first few days were day was smooth sailing with these comfy needles.  And then when I went to start knitting on Friday, the needle snapped in half.

It took what seemed like hours (but was probably 20 minutes) of delicate maneuvers to rescue all the stitches and get everything back onto the metal needles.

I’m only able to do a few rounds at a time with the metal needles before my hands really start bothering me.  But I did get to row 9 in the cable chart, and even started shaping for the gusset.

You can make out the beginnings of a cable pattern.

The only consolation is that once I’m done, I’ll be done.  There won’t be another sock to make later since I’m doing them both at the same time.

I’m about 95% sure these socks will be loose.  Sock people: How much smaller do you size your socks?  My foot circumference is 9 inches and I went with the 8 inch size.  Would 7 inches be a better choice?  I’m pretty sure my gauge is relatively ok (all of the needle switching has led to a few looser or tighter rows, but it still seems to be in the 8 stitches per inch zone).

Besides the slowly moving socks, I’ve started on another YOP project.

My special order of yarnCascade 220 Superwash in 1915 Banana Cream – arrived at Knitty City and I picked it up on Friday. The yarn was pricey, but you can’t skimp out when it comes to mom, right?

This is my first time getting the jumbo bag.  I was so excited about it that I snapped a picture on the pedestrian island on Broadway and 79th Street.

It’s a subtle color, and I think it will look great in my mom’s bedroom.

I’m still working on my first square – I fiddled around with hooks a bit before settling on a G.  This blanket will be a welcome relief from the socks.  (I never thought a blanket could be relief from another project, so that tells you how much I’m liking the socks.)

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