Hispanic Heritage Month 2012 Interview Series Kick Off!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I don’t share many details about my personal (that is, non-crafting) life.  As a result, most of my readers probably don’t know too much about my background.

I grew up in Brooklyn and Manhattan within two multi-ethnic (Cuban and Italian-American), multi-faith (Catholic, Santeria, and Nichiren Buddhism) families.  In the neighborhoods where I lived and went to school, I was exposed to even more cultural and religious groups.  Since my own family had very strong – but different – cultural and religious traditions and beliefs, I’ve always been really interested in the impact culture has on the way people see and respond to the world.

As I’ve become more active in the online crafting community, I’ve been really fascinated by the way crocheters and knitters from different backgrounds approach their craft.   I learned to crochet from my maternal (Italian-American) grandmother, but I’ve met plenty of Latinas who feel a strong cultural connection to crochet and knitting.  With all of these things in mind, I decided to reach out to Hispanic crochet designers and bloggers living here in the U.S. and abroad with the intent of publishing interviews with these talented crocheters during Hispanic Heritage Month.

Race and ethnicity are generally hot button issues in the U.S. (especially during election years) but my intent with this series is really to explore the work of some gifted designers and bloggers as well as how their culture supports or challenges their creativity.  My first interview in this series, with Angele Lumaire, will be posted tomorrow.   Please keep in mind that some of those I’m interviewing are not native English speakers (and many only “speak” English through translators!), so I’ll be making some edits to the interviews for grammar and flow.  Enjoy!

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