Year of Projects, Year 2: North Jersey Fiber Arts Festival 2012

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I scheduled today’s post because I’m teaching at the fourth annual North Jersey Fiber Arts Festival.   I had a great time last year, so I decided to return this year.  I taught a class on Friday and I’ll be teaching another one today.

The festival is in Ridgewood, New Jersey and I can get there pretty easily with New Jersey Transit and a short walk.  I took off from work on Friday and headed to the festival with plans to arrive a little after noon.  I started a new project during the ride, using a motif pattern from Granny Square Crochet: 35 Contemporary Projects Using Traditional Techniques.  (If you haven’t already, you can read my interview with author Catherine Hirst here.)

I got a wee bit lost during the walk from the train (thank goodness for smartphones and Google Maps), so I only had a few minutes to set up before my first class.  My new project was immediately pressed into service as a coaster – after all, I didn’t want to destroy the table!

After the class, I took a trip around the first floor to check out all the vendors.  I’ve been fairly good about decreasing my stash as part of my efforts to Surmount the Stash this year, but I brought cash to the festival and a plan to purchase as many as 5 skeins of yarn.

Yep, I met the quota.

My first stop was Mimi’s Needlebasket.  I’ve been dreaming about the Chiaogoo Twist RED Lace interchangeables since I learned of their existence and my eyes were drawn instantly to the sets on the table.  Unfortunately, she only had the mini kits in stock, and I’d like to buy the whole set, so I went on to the next table, Leilani Arts.  While I was really intrigued by the recycled sari yarn, I’m a sucker for tweeds and there was some very soft Donegal tweed on the table.  I couldn’t decide on colors, so I vowed to return later.

My next stop was WendyClay Pottery.  There were some AMAZING buttons, but I couldn’t think of a project I would make so I decided not to buy anything.  (Perhaps today will be my day?)  And then I found Yarn Monkey Productions.  Angela and her friend were just about the friendliest people I’ve ever met vending at a festival.  I had a great chat with Angela and fell in love with many of her colorways.  She was very tolerant of my complete indecisiveness and offered some tips.  I eventually settled on these two lovely skeins of superwash wool.

Two skeins of Yarn Monkey Productions SuperSaki, in colorways Anastasia (top) and Aella (bottom).

The colors don’t appear accurately on my monitor, but you can get the general idea.  I’m thinking that the Aella will end up as an accessory for me and the Anastasia is a possible gift or blanket motif.  (I’ve been dreaming of a superwash wool blanket for myself – that will definitely be a 2013 or later project!)

I then had a little moment of amazement at the Hearthwise booth.  There were all kinds of stunning drop spindles, which immediately brought to mind my YOP goal of learning to use a drop spindle.  I had a chance to chat with Jessica Suiter, the instructor teaching Basic Dropspindling at the festival, and it seems like she might have an extra spot for me in the class on Sunday (fingers crossed!).

Finally, I returned to Leilani Arts.  I decided to go with a charcoal and dark red combination.  I imagine this eventually turning into a shawl or wrap for me.

Imported Studio Donegal Soft (Merino) Donegal in Charcoal and Dark Red.

Even though I bought 5 skeins of yarn, I didn’t use my whole budget.  I still have $19 to spend, so perhaps there are some buttons in my future…

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