FO Friday: My Mountain contest, sample 2

I finished my second design (also knit) for the My Mountain design contest last weekend.  This week has been crazy so I wasn’t able to get MC to take one of his amazing pictures.  You’ll have to settle for me with the self-timer or arms stretched out :).

My mountain 2 front

This one is made with Schachenmayr My Mountain Lumio in Capri and Lime (called Iris and Chartreuse originally).

Lumio Iris

Bravo Big hot pink & Lumio chartreuse

I wanted to make this hat highly textured so I alternated between a cable pattern and a diagonal knit and purl pattern.

My mountain 2 front2

It was fun working with these bright colors.  Recently, I’ve been working with some very subdued colors, so having something vibrant to play with was great.

My mountain 2 side2

I also love the yarn.  It’s got a nice feeling – soft and squishy, but firm enough to hold it’s shape for texture.

My mountain 2 side5

I couldn’t decide if I preferred the blue or green cable in the front, so I tried it a few different ways.

My mountain 2 side3

I still have yarn for two more hats.

My mountain 2 flat

Any suggestions for a name for this design?

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