Vogue Knitting Live 2014: Day 1


I was thrilled to receive a press pass again this year to attend Vogue Knitting Live.  My big plans for Friday included possibly taking a class (depending on what was still open), and meeting a fellow blogger for dinner.

Desert Sunset Infinity Cowl outside3

I left home very excited this morning.  (Ok, my smile looks a little forced, but that’s because I was waiting for MC to snap the picture.  You’ll have to take it on faith that I was stoked!)  Unfortunately, things went a little haywire at work and I didn’t get to leave early.

I made it down to VK Live just in time to meet Tien.  I’ve been reading her blog, AutumnGeisha, for the past few years and when I found out that her husband got her tickets to come to New York for VK Live, I knew it was our chance to meet up.  The Marketplace was just opening and we had the chance to make our first run through.  (It turns out that we both like to scope out the shops first, then go back to make purchases.  I think it’s how we can convince ourselves that we aren’t buying too much yarn.)


I also wanted to introduce myself to Michelle from Michelle’s Assortment.  I’m going to be helping out at her booth on the Fifth Floor in the Marketplace Saturday from 2 p.m. until 5 p.m.  She is one of the sponsors of my 2014 Sampler Mystery Knit-a-Long.  Michelle will be providing a shawl pin as the March prize, and a set of 4 stitch markers as a fall prize.  They are even more beautiful in person than they are on her Etsy page, so the winners are in for some treats.

Tien bought a lovely Matryoshka doll shawl pin from Michelle, and then we were off to dinner at John’s Pizzeria. It was great to chat with Tien about blogging, designing, yarn, and other fun things.

You may be wondering where all the pictures are.  Confession: Tien let me leave my bag in her hotel room, and I forgot to take my camera out with me.  I promise tomorrow’s post will have some more pictures!

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