10 Ways to Spread the Love of Crochet during NatCroMo!

Are you ready to have a great month celebrating crochet? I know I am!

March is (Inter)National Crochet Month, and I’m thrilled to share my love of crochet with pretty much anyone who is willing to listen! I’m also excited to kick off Crochetville’s 2015 NatCroMo Designer Blog Tour! Visit Crochetville here to see the daily schedule of blog stops, learn more about the featured charity, Halos of Hope, and find out more about the daily giveaways.

10 Ways to Spread the Love of Crochet During National Crochet Month on Underground Crafter

I love celebrating (Inter)National Crochet Month every March, and I know a lot of other crocheters feel the same way. Here’s a list of 10 ways you can spread the love of crochet during March (and all year round).

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Share, share, share!

There’s plenty of eye candy on display during NatCroMo so it’s easy to share! Set up a special Pinterest board, share links on your preferred social media platforms, or create roundups of your favorites on your blog.

I have over 30 crochet boards on Pinterest, including this one you may enjoy!

Follow Underground Crafter’s board Crochet Pattern Roundups on Pinterest.

Show appreciation

Do you have a favorite crochet blogger, designer, author, or teacher? What about a crochet-friendly local yarn shop (LYS) or yarn company? Is there a crochet book, hook, or magazine that you love? Show your appreciation by commenting or reaching out on social media, making recommendations to your friends, or writing reviews.

Start a crochet circle in your community

March is the perfect time to start a local crochet circle. Crochet circles are great ways to meet people and have fun together while crocheting.

You can find my tips for starting a crochet circle in this post.

Share your skills

Teach a friend to crochet or host a lunchtime class at work; volunteer to teach children, seniors, or hospital patients; or ask to lead a stitch demonstration at your next crochet guild meeting. You’ll have fun sharing your love of crochet and you may inspire someone else to pick up the hook!

Make a gift

Crochet an unexpected gift for a loved one. To keep the experience stress free, make it a surprise and choose a project you’ll enjoy making!

Wear your own crochet

If you gift more crochet projects than you keep, make something extra special for yourself and be sure to wear it to display your crochet pride!

Donate to charity

Contribute to a local or national charity by donating yarn or hooks, or crocheting blankets, chemo caps, or other items for distribution. Crochetville’s featured NatCroMo charity, Halos of Hope, lists their donation guidelines for chemo caps here. You can find other organizations that accept crochet donations through…

Always check with the charity to make sure the information is up-to-date before delivering a project.

Crochet in public

Take your hook outdoors and crochet on public transportation, in the library, at a coffeehouse, or wherever people spend time outdoors in your community. Be prepared to chat with strangers about what you’re working on, and don’t be shy about explaining that knitting is the one with two needles.

Learn something new

With all the excitement surrounding crochet this month, it’s a great time to learn something new. Pick up a new stitch, learn a new technique, or even try out a new project to keep up your enthusiasm for crochet.

Geek out on crochet gear

Visit Café Press or Zazzle and add a crochet t-shirt, bag, bumper sticker, mug, or other conversation starter to your collection!

Some of my favorite crochet-themed shops are:

What other suggestions do you have for spreading the love of crochet during NatCroMo?

I’ll be celebrating NatCroMo all month long on the Underground Crafter with great giveaways, interviews with crochet designers, and more!

24 thoughts on “10 Ways to Spread the Love of Crochet during NatCroMo!”

  1. First, thank you so much for the free pattern!
    This I my irt visit to your FB page. I love your suggestions for sharing crochet. I do several of these ready: crochet in public, crochet for charity, make gifts, wear my own crochet. The thing I would like to do is start a local group. Not sure where to start. I also show off my crochet on my FB page. I get a lot of likes, but would like more people to ask questions about my work.

    Thanks for the chance to share, Paula.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by, Paula, and for your thoughtful comment. It sounds like you do a lot already to spread the love of crochet around! I’ll be sharing some great tips for starting a local group on Tuesday, so I hope you’ll stop by again to read those and share your thoughts. What type of questions would you like to hear from your Facebook fans, or are you looking for more interaction from them in general?

  2. You are such an interesting person. Thank you for the opportunity to get to know you and for the free pattern code. You have great ideas. Happy crochet month I do crochet in public, I have never officially crocheted for charity but I own very little of my creations someone either claims it or needs it more than me, or there is a need for a gift in my physical therapist was go ogling over a beanie my son clame as his before it was done now I will make her one lol. I encourage youngsters to learn crochet as well as old, my son’s girlfriend and her mother began last week. I am so happy for your turn to be represented this month. Again Tha no you and congratulations your friend Cassandra

  3. I love National Crochet Month and all your ideas. I taught a mini crochet class to a group of friends this weekend. A daughter-in-law of one lady works in a NICU, so they wanted to learn to crochet preemie hats for her little patients. One lady had never crocheted before and went straight to hat making! Such fun!

  4. I tried to go to your Ravelry shop and I used the code to get the Ripple Stitch PDFs, but there was a network error and the download page expired. I purchased it via “guest” and did not log in to my Ravelry account. Is there any way to get the download link again?

    • Thanks for stopping by, Myrelle. You should be able to download it from the link sent to your PayPal email address. If you have additional problems, the team at Ravelry should be able to help you access the email.

  5. Thank you VERY MUCH for your wisdom and insight on crochet…my memory lane craft! I loved reading your story (this is my first visit to you blog…via the link party) and I also learned to crochet as a child from my grandmother. Reading your story brought back my wonderful memories and I thank you deeply for that!! Your work is lovely and inspiring!!!!! I am looking forward to futute blog posts and projects from your crochet universe!! <3 With Blessings! Deanne

  6. Firstly, thank you for your inspiration. I am a beginner and am in love with crochet.
    I am also having problems downloading Circle in the squares baby blanket using code natcromo15. Please advise

    • Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words, Chris. That coupon code has long since expired, so I’m not surprised it isn’t working for you. Please look for a newer post for a current coupon code. Thanks!


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