6 Ways to Restore Your Lost #Crojo | #Crochet #TipsTuesday

6 ways to restore your lost #crojo (crochet mojo) - #Crochet #TipsTuesday by @ucrafter

Have you ever lost your crojo?

Crojo is a term many crocheters use to describe the combination of crochet skills and enthusiasm with mojo, an intangible, magic power that includes creative inspiration.

Whether you always experience a little dip in your crochet enthusiasm as the weather gets warmer, or a difficult project is making crochet seem like a chore, or life stressors have you thinking that picking up a hook is too challenging, I’m sharing 6 ways to bring back your crojo.

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Watch the video below, or read on for my tips for restoring your lost crojo!

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1) Choose a “comfort” project

Most crocheters have favorite “go-to” projects. For some, these are “mindless” projects like a favorite pattern, a freeform project, or anything that can be done while watching streaming shows on Amazon Prime. Other crocheters prefer challenging projects that expand their skills and make them feel accomplished.

When your crojo is lost, try picking up your favorite type of project.

2) Look for inspiration online

Sometimes, you just hit a wall creatively with crochet. Looking at all the possibilities can be very inspiring!

Some of my favorite sources of crochet inspiration are…

If you’re more of a book person, browse Amazon’s regularly updated list of crochet bestsellers. You might be introduced to an interesting crochet trend!

Seeing all of these pretty images can get me excited all over again, or start me thinking about great color combinations I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise!

3) Mix things up!

Sometimes you just get stuck in a rut. Shaking up your crochet world can be just the thing that you need to find your crojo again.

  • If you always crochet for other people, try being a “selfish crocheter” on for size. Make a project just for you!
  • Or, if you always crochet for yourself, try making a gift for a crochet-worthy friend or a project to donate to charity.

You may find that crocheting a few rows outside of your comfort zone is just what you need to inspire you to return to your favorite type of crochet!

4) Pick up a new crochet technique

Maybe you’ve mastered so much with crochet that it has become repetitive and boring. In that case, learning a new technique can be exciting!

Learning something new may be just the thing you need to fall back in love with crochet!

5) Participate in a crochet-a-long

Sometimes crocheting with other people – whether face-to-face or virtually – can be so fun that it gets you excited all over again. Ravelry’s KAL Fanatics group is a great way to find out about online crochet- and knit-a-longs. You can also search Pinterest for “crochet-a-long YEAR” to find current CALs. (Here’s the 2015 search results.) Check with your local crochet guild or local yarn shop to find out about CALs in your local community.

6) Just take a break

Sometimes, a short break is really all that’s needed to bring your crojo back. If you’ve tried everything else and you just aren’t feeling the crochet love, take some time away from crochet. When you aren’t looking for it, your crojo will probably sneak up right behind you!

What are your tips for restoring your crojo?

23 thoughts on “6 Ways to Restore Your Lost #Crojo | #Crochet #TipsTuesday”

  1. Love the article. Going through a very rough time at the moment, trying to sell our home, and building the new main website in WordPress; I’m definitely experiencing burnout. I’m usually involved with designing at least one complicated project and several small any given month. And yet I have only managed a pillow and small doily over the last 2 months. I’ve been giving some thought to designing either another tree skirt, table topper, or angel – it’s time I just picked up the hook and see if one of those type projects doesn’t pull me out of my crojo! Thanks!

  2. This is great advice! I had a three-month slump at the beginning of the year, after spending several months madly crocheting Christmas gifts. I decided it was okay to not be crocheting and that I needed the break. Now my crojo is back and I’ve got some great design ideas to implement.

  3. I always go for something small… Instant gratification. A half hour to an hour project. One or two of those and I’m ready to go again. If it’s va really bad case I criss stitch.

  4. I am a #1 person. I always crochet hats when my crojo is gone. For some reason this keeps me going until I find some inspiration either in a new, pretty yarn or a nice pattern that looks interesting. Thank you for the tips!

  5. I find as soon as I “have to” make a project, I want to do anything but (this is why I’d never do this as a business).

    I also find if I have too many ideas of what I want to do, I end up doing nothing (same as housework..lol)

    I find quick easy projects to be the quick fix..some instant gratification. If I can chose projects with motifs you can get some instant gratification too, and it adds up to finishing a project. It’s a plus for hot weather too because you aren’t suffocating under your work. 🙂

  6. When I hit a wall, I’ll pick up my knitting and if I’m not feeling that I go to my needlepoint. That’s what I’m currently working on, and thinking of things that I want to crochet or knit..

  7. When my crojo starts to dim, I like to step back and take photos of my work and allows me to be creative in another way and lets me see how much I have accomplished. I also like to make an easy project like a hat or scarf using a new material like ribbon, raffia, tshirts or other non – yarn materials to re-ignite my passion.

  8. I lost my crojo over a year ago and when I started pattern testing it got me really excited. Reading how the designer designed the pattern by reading it and checking for errors was the way for me to be able to get back into the craft that I have loved for 48 years.

  9. I needed this article I need to find my crojo again! I was ill and didn’t crochet for a while and finding it hard to start again. Overwhelmed with which project to start etc.

  10. I have a challenging project killing crojo. I wanted to make a bag with sunflower granny squares. I made the squares with no problem and have struggled sewing up properly to make the bag.
    I’m setting it aside for a few days because I’m getting frustrated.


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