Instagram Takeover Crochet Roundup: Elena Fedotova (@ravliki) from Cup of Stitches

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you may have noticed something new this weekend: my first #undergroundcraftertakeover! On the weekends, I’m inviting some of my crochet, knitting, and crafty friends to take over my Instagram account and share their talents with you. Since you can’t easily share links on Instagram, on Sunday night, I’ll post a roundup here on the blog including links to all the patterns and projects featured in the takeover.

This week’s guest is crochet designer Elena Fedotova, also known as ravliki on Etsy, Instagram, Pinterest, and Ravelry. You can also find her collaborating with fellow designer, Yuliya Tkacheva, as Cup of Stitches on Facebook and in their Ravelry group.

This post contains affiliate links.

An Instagram Takeover crochet roundup with Elena Fedotova (@ravliki) on Underground Crafter #undergroundcraftertakeover


  1. Meet Lena! She says, “Since 2011 I am a crochet designer which is my dream job. You can find me on Ravelry as ravliki.”
  2. “My favorite thing to design in crochet is garments, simple and casual.” You can buy the Tata Top pattern here on Ravelry.
  3. “One of my current passions is the granny quilt technique: a classic with a twist. You can find this wrap, the After Rain Shawl, in Crochet Now issue 3.”
  4. “My colorwork patterns provide the empty grid layouts to help you to create your own unique designs.” This stunning shawl is called Tunisian Flowers and is available for sale on Ravelry.
  5. Tunisian entrelac is another passion of mine. My designs are such that you will not need any fancy hooks and can place all of your stitches on a regular crochet hook.” You can buy the Yoga Top pattern here on Ravelry.
  6. Every Monday we set our kettle on and cheer our group visitors up with “a cup of stitches”, a gift pattern to one lucky winner.” Join the Cup Of Stitches group on Ravelry here to enter.
  7. I am a multitask worker and always have a pile of projects in
    progress. Join me in our Weekly UFO thread on Ravelry if, like me, you
    have a lot on your hook.”
  8. “Spike single crochet: the most basic crochet stitch with a twist.” You can find a free spike single crochet tutorial here on the Cup of Stitches blog, along with links to crochet patterns featuring the stitch by Lena and Yuliya.

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Thanks so much for visiting with us this weekend, Lena. Follow @ucrafter and @ravliki on Instagram for more crochet inspiration!

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