Roundup: 5 Crochet Patterns by ACCROchet

On the weekends, I’m inviting some of my crochet, knitting, and crafty friends for a takeover of my Instagram account so they can share their talents with you. Since you can’t easily share links on Instagram, on Sunday night, I’ll share a roundup including links to all the patterns and projects featured in the takeover. So, are you ready for this week’s #undergroundcraftertakeover roundup?

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This week’s guest is bilingual (English and French) crochet designer, Julie from ACCROchet. You can find Julie online on Craftsy, Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Ravelry, and Twitter.

An Instagram Takeover crochet roundup with ACCROchet (@julie_accrochet) on Underground Crafter #undergroundcraftertakeover


  1. Meet Julie! “Hi! I am Julie – I am the designer behind ACCROchet & I will be taking over Marie’s IG this weekend. It is really nice to be here! For those of you who don’t know me, I design crochet patterns in both English and French, and I teach crochet at LYS and events. My mom would not be happy with one of those pictures, but that is how I am in front of cameras :P” (Photo credit: kviau photo&design) If you’re ever in Québec, check out the local yarn shop where Julie teaches, Tricotine et cie.
  2. Julie says, “If you’re an avid fan of crochet, you will understand that this picture is just the regular life of a crocheter whenever she/he is not driving or sleeping.” (By the way, the pattern for this project is in the works, so you keep your eye on Julie’s Instagram for more details!)
  3. Julie says, “Most of my family has been involved in some way in my crochet business. My daughter is the most involved of all, being the model for probably 90% of my patterns, and now my business card!” The pictured pattern is the Mustard Hat, available for sale on Craftsy here.
  4. Julie says, “See? My daughter is even working part time at the LYS where I teach!”
  5. Julie says, “Hats have always been a go to for me as a designer. I LOVE making them, designing them, and wearing them. Because I am in Québec, I get to have the appropriate weather for them, too!” The pictured pattern is the Snow Angel Hat, available for sale on Craftsy here.
  6. Julie says, “Want to know why I love to crochet socks? Because not everyone knows that we can even make them! Seriously, mention crochet socks in almost any group and you will get blank stares. The socks pictured here are the Mint Chocolate Chip Socks.” You can buy the Mint Chocolate Chip Socks crochet pattern on Craftsy.
  7. Julie says, “No matter what I am designing, you will always find little details like the blue stripe of the ceramic button I included in the Peek-a-Blue top. I think that these details are my favorite part of designing.” You can buy the Peek-a-Blue Pullover pattern here on Craftsy.
  8. Julie says, “I am really into Tunisian crochet lately. It is just so beautiful & such a wonderful technique to add to our crochet tool belt. I even designed one pattern (the Ocean Geometry Scarf) that doesn’t require a special tool.” The pictured Tunisian crochet pattern is the Orchard Shawl, available here for sale on Craftsy.
  9. Julie says, “That’s it for me =) I really want to thank Marie for this opportunity to takeover her instagram! Come to my website to find all my social links & free patterns, and everything crochet!”



Thanks so much for visiting with us this weekend, Julie. Follow @ucrafter and @julie_accrochet on Instagram for more crochet inspiration!

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  1. What a fun interview! Hi Julie! I went on a bus trip to Montreal and Quebec City in July. I wanted to stop by a yarn shop but didn’t have the time. Oh well… I’ll just have to visit again!


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