Gift Guide: 45+ Gifts for Crochet, Knitting, Yarn, and Other Creative Business Owners

45+ gift ideas for crochet, knitting, yarn, and other creative business owners on Underground Crafter #giftguide

As we get closer to the winter holidays, I’ll be sharing several crafty gift guides. These are great for finding gifts for your crafty friends and family, or for sharing (not so subtly) with your loved ones who don’t craft!

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This gift guide includes over 45 gift ideas for creative business owners. If your friend or family member sells handmade items at local craft fairs, designs crochet or knitting patterns, or operates another creative business, help make next year a successful one by buying a gift to improve their craft or business skills!

There are so many items that creative business owners may find helpful, so I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorites.

General Business Resources

These books will enhance the library of any creative business owner. Most are available in multiple formats (ebook, print book, and/or audiobook), so choose your friend’s favorite.

CreativeLive offers a selection of business classes for creative types, including:

Crochet and Knitting Design

Designers love playing with stitches! Stitch guides and technique classes can be wonderful gifts.

Stitch pattern resources for crocheters:

Stitch pattern resources for knitters:

Pattern writing and grading resources:

Pattern writing and grading (the process of adjusting a pattern to fit different sizes) are important skills for designers to develop. These help to keep the designer organized and to keep the patterns as error free as possible.



Many crafty business owners supplement their income with teaching. For others, teaching is their primary source of income.

10 Tips for Teaching Children to Crochet by Underground Crafter

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Photography and Video

Even if you are hiring a photographer for your primary product photography, it never helps to understand the basics of photography for progress and tutorial photos. Videos can be shared online in so many ways today, that a basic knowledge of video production can’t hurt any small business owner! Here are some great gift options.

Gift Cards

If you’re not sure what to get your favorite creative business owner, gift cards always work! I recommend getting gift cards from:

  • (for books, tech and photography tools, and more),
  • Adorama (for photography and tech tools), or
  • Etsy (for handmade yarn, hooks, needles, and more).

If you’re a creative business owner, what’s on your holiday wish list?

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