New Year, New Skill CAL Week 5: Bruges Lace

New Year, New Skill Crochet-a-Long with CAL Central - Week 5: Bruges Lace featuring free crochet patterns by ABC Knitting Patterns, Stitches 'n' Scraps, and Underground Crafter

Week 5 of the New Year, New Skill crochet-a-long is all about Bruges lace and this week features three patterns by three designers. (If you’re just hearing about the CAL, you can find more details and a regularly updated schedule here.)

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Week 5: Bruges Lace

Bruges crochet (also known as Bruges lace), mimics a style of lacework made famous in the Belgian city of Bruges. With Bruges lace, you use basic crochet stitches to create seemingly complex lace patterns.

How to join the New Year, New Skill CAL

  • Get the full schedule here. You can join in by crocheting the patterns as you have time.
  • Share your progress and post pictures of your finished projects. Tag your projects and posts #calcentralcrochet on all social media.
  • If you’d like to chat with other crocheters, join our Facebook or Ravelry groups.
  • Each week, our featured designers will be available to answer questions in our groups and to share some of their other work with you.
  • By the end of the CAL you’ll have up to 26 beautiful projects and will have learned or mastered 7 different skills.

New Year, New Skill Week 5 Patterns

Choose one (or more) of these patterns to help you learn or master Bruges lace!

If you’re joining us for the New Year, New Skill CAL, feel free to use this button for your Ravelry projects and on social media!

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