I’m thrilled to introduce Alysha Littlejohn as a guest contributor to Underground Crafter! Alysha is a talented designer who is sharing the pattern for the Vintage-Inspired Crochet Snood today. This is one of those patterns that is timeless and looks great with any outfit. Alysha has also included a full video tutorial at the end of the post!

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About Littlejohn’s Yarn

Alysha Littlejohn is the founder, crafter, hands, and heart behind Littlejohn’s Yarn. Alysha began her love for crochet at the age of 7 and hasn’t quit. That passion grew to teaching and pattern writing. Her patterns are for every skill level of crocheter, but Littlejohn’s Yarn is an especially a great place for beginners to learn more advanced patterns.

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Vintage-Inspired Snood

Crochet Snood Pattern by Littlejohn’s Yarn

They don’t make them like they used to. I am always inspired by vintage crochet patterns. That classic look seems to never go out of style. We will be creating one of my favorites for this pattern, the vintage crochet snood. I took inspiration from 1940s & 50s for that Rockabilly style.

There is nothing new about the snood, it has been used throughout history for more than 1,000 years. Women have been using this simple hair covering or net that gets those pesky hairs out of the way, with style. From the Renaissance to the unmarried maidens in the 19th century until today, snoods are the original classic. Think of the crochet snood as the little black dress for your hair.

This vintage-inspired crochet snood uses simple stitches and works up quickly. For this pattern, we will be using Paintbox Yarns Simply DK yarn and a 3.75 mm crochet hook. Please don’t feel “married” to my hook and yarn choices. This pattern would also work great with worsted weight or aran weight yarn.

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Pattern Notes

  • You may use worsted weight yarn or aran yarn. Use a 4 mm hook. Complete the pattern as normal excluding “Headband” round 13.
  • This pattern uses US crochet abbreviations.
  • A complete video tutorial is available below the pattern.




  • ch – chain
  • rep – repeat
  • sc – single crochet
  • sk – skip
  • sl st – slip stitch
  • sp – space
  • tr – treble crochet
  • * Repeat instructions after asterisk as indicated.
  • () Stitches in parentheses are worked into same stitch or space.
  • [] Repeat instructions between brackets as indicated.

Specialty Stitches

  • trv-st – treble crochet v-stitch – (tr, ch 2, tr)


  • Pattern rows of snood = 3.5” (9 cm)


  • Make a magic ring, or ch 4, sl st to join to form a ring.
  • Round 1: Ch 6 (counts as tr & ch 2 here and throughout pattern), [tr, ch 2] 11 times, sl st to join in 3rd ch. (12)
  • Round 2: Sl st into the ch-2 sp, ch 6, tr in the same sp, ch 2, *(trv-st, ch 2) in the next ch-2 sp; rep from * around, sl st to join in 4th ch of the beg ch-6. (24)
  • Round 3: Sl st into the ch-2 sp, ch 6, tr in the same sp, ch 2, (tr, ch 2) in the next ch-2 sp. *Trv-st in the next ch-2 sp, ch 2, (tr, ch 2) in the next 2 ch-2 sps; rep from * around, sl st to join in the 4th ch of the beg ch-6. (36)
  • Round 4: Sl st into the ch-2 sp, ch 6, tr in the same sp, ch 2, (tr, ch 2) in the next 2 ch-2 sps. *Trv-st in the next ch-2 sp, ch 2, (tr, ch 2) in the next 2 ch-2 sps; rep from * around, sl st to join in the 4th ch of the beg ch-6. (46 tr)
  • Rounds 5-8: Sl st into the ch-2 sp, ch 6, tr in the next ch-2 sp. *(Tr, ch 2) in each ch-2 sp around. (46 tr)
  • Round 9: Ch 1, sc in ch-2 space, sc in each ch-2 sp around, sl st to join. (46)
  • Round 10-12: Ch 1, sc in each st around. (Video 10:07)


  • Ch 15, sl st to first ch to form a circle.
  • Round 1: Ch 1, 25 sc into circle, sl st in first st to join. (25) (Video 11:55)
  • Round 2: Ch 1, sc in each st around, sl st in first st to join. (25)
  • Round 3-13: Ch 10, sk 5, sl st next, ch 1, turn, 15 sc in newly formed loop, sl st into base of ch-10, ch 1, turn, sc next 15 sts, sl st into base of ch st, turn. Fasten off when complete. (Video 15:50)
  • Note: To adjust headband repeat round 3 or remove a row.
  • Sew or slip stitch (Video 18:11) Attach the headband equal paced apart on both sides of snood.
© 2020 by Alysha Littlejohn (Littlejohn’s Yarn) and published with permission by Underground Crafter. This pattern is for personal use only. You may use the pattern to make unlimited items for yourself, for charity, or to give as gifts. You may sell items you personally make by hand from this pattern. Do not violate Alysha’s copyright by distributing this pattern or the photos in any form, including but not limited to scanning, photocopying, emailing, or posting on a website or internet discussion group. if you want to share the pattern, point your friends to this link: https://undergroundcrafter.com/2020/02/10/vintage-inspired-crochet-snood-by-littlejohns-yarn-with-video/. Thanks for supporting indie designers!
Crochet Snood Pattern: Vintage-Inspired Snood by Littlejohn’s Yarn (with video)

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