Crochet Capelet Pattern: Polar Rush by Straight Hooked

Malena from Straight Hooked is back for the second in a series of three guest posts! Malena is sharing a beautiful crochet capelet pattern including her signature stitch, the Dolphin Stitch. Malena has included 3 helpful photo tutorials to guide you through all the special stitches in the Polar Rush Capelet.

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About Straight Hooked

Malena Straight from Straight Hooked I taught herself to crochet in 2003 to make a blanket for her mother, and she has rarely put her hook down since. She crocheted well over a hundred blankets before realizing there was so much more you could do with crochet. After many years of encouragement from her husband, Malena launched her website in November of 2018 and began designing fashionable accessories for the modern trendsetter. She has had her biggest year of pattern releases in 2020, with 14 patterns published and still more to come. She loves creating gorgeous items using stitches that look complicated, but are easy to master. Malena’s goal is to write patterns that are easy to understand and fun to work up.

Malena’s signature stitch is the Dolphin Stitch. It’s a very versatile stitch that’s fun to make, works up quickly and creates fabulous texture. Check it out in the pattern below!

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Polar Rush Capelet

Crochet Capelet Pattern by Straight Hooked



  • 5dst x 3 rows = 6”x2” (15 cmx5cm)


  • The FREE pattern makes a ladies’ medium size. Additional sizing from S-XXL is available in the Premium Pattern available here


  • ch- chain
  • decdst- decrease dolphin stitch- see Special Stitches
  • dc- double crochet
  • dst- dolphin stitch- see Special Stitches
  • hdc- half double crochet
  • Rnd- Round
  • sc- single crochet
  • slst- slip stitch
  • sp- space
  • st(s)- stitch(es)
  • tc- treble (triple) crochet
  • yo- yarn over
  • * Repeat instructions between asterisks as indicated.


  • This pattern uses US crochet abbreviations.
  • This pattern is worked in the round, but you will need to turn your work at the end of each round.

Special Stitches

Dolphin Stitch

  • The Dolphin Stitch is a modified cluster of tc, dc, hdc, and sc across 4 sts.
  • Step 1. yo 2x, insert hook in first st,(or in ch- space if indicated) yo, pull up a loop,[yo, pull through 2loops] twice. (2 loops on hook)
  • Step 2. yo, insert hook in next st, (or in ch- space if indicated) yo, pull up a loop, yo, pull through 2 loops. (3loops on hook)
  • Step 3. yo, insert hook in next st, (or in ch- space if indicated) yo, pull up a loop (5 loops on hook)
  • Step 4 (this is your anchor stitch) Insert hook in next st, yo, pull up a loop, yo, pull through all 6 loops, ch 3 to complete stitch.

Dolphin Stitch after Rnd1

Decrease Dolphin Stitch

  • Place first 2 steps in the first ch sp, place third step in next ch sp (5 loops on hook), and anchor your st in the dst below.

Pattern Instructions

  • Color A: ch 180, slst to 1st ch
  • Rnd1. ch2, dst around, slst to first dst, turn. (45 dst)
  • Rnd2. ch2, dst around, placing your first 5 loops in ch3sp, and anchoring your final loop to the dst below, slst to 1st dst, turn. (45 dst)
  • Rnds3-8. Repeat Rnd2, attach Color B
  • Rnd9. Repeat Rnd2, attach Color A
  • Rnds10-15. Repeat Rnd2, attach Color B
  • Rnds16-17. Repeat Rnd2, attach Color A
  • Rnds18-21. Repeat Rnd2, attach Color B
  • Rnds22-24. Repeat Rnd2
  • Rnd25. ch2, *dst, decdst*, repeat from *to* around, attach Color A, slst to 1st dst, turn. (30 dst)
  • Rnd26. Ch2, dst around,  slst to 1st dst, turn. (30 dst)
  • Rnd27. Ch2, *dst, decdst*, repeat from *to*  around, dst, attach Color B, slst to 1st dst, turn. (20 dst)
  • Rnd28. Ch2, dst around, slst to 1st dst, turn (20 dst)
  • Rnds29-33. Repeat Rnd28, attach Color A
  • Rnd34. Repeat Rnd28, attach Color B
  • Rnds35-42. Repeat R28, attach Color A
  • Rnd43. Ch1, sc around, placing 3 sc in each ch3 sp and 1 sc in the top of each dst. Finish off, weave in all ends. (180 sc)
  • Fringe: cut 9″ (23cm) lengths of colors A and B. Use 4 strands together and attach in the space between each dst on Row 1.

The Polar Rush Capelet looks great with the Polar Rush Beanie. Get the ad-free PDFs for both patterns as a bundle here.

© 2020 by Malena Straight/Straight Hooked and published with permission by Underground Crafter. This pattern is for personal use only. You may use the pattern to make unlimited items for yourself, for charity, or to give as gifts. You may sell items you personally make by hand from this pattern. Do not violate Malena’s copyright by distributing this pattern or the photos in any form, including but not limited to scanning, photocopying, emailing, or posting on a website or internet discussion group. if you want to share the pattern, point your friends to this link: Thanks for supporting indie designers!

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