Creations by Courtney Personalized Tote Review

I’m sharing my review for a yarn tote bag that you can use as a project bag or just to share your love of crochet with the world when you’re out and about!

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Yarn Tote Bag Review: Creations by Courtney Personalized Canvas Tote with Rope Handles

The personalized canvas tote with rope handles is one of several canvas tote bag designs that by Creations by Courtney has recently introduced into her Etsy shop.

The personalized canvas tote with rope handles is one of four styles of yarn tote bags currently available. Courtney describes this version as a beach tote bag, and I can totally see that though I’m not much of a beach person myself. This tote is 13″ (33 cm) tall by 17″ (43 cm) wide. That didn’t mean much to me, so I just started stuffing balls of yarn into it.

It can easily hold 10 skeins of yarn and other project essentials like a pattern book or tablet. It has a zipper pocket inside which is large enough for my cell phone, or you could put in a wallet. Or, of course, you could fill the yarn tote bag with notions like hooks, yarn needles, and a small pair of scissors if the only place you are traveling with it is from your living room to your bed room.

The bag has a magnetic snap in the center seems to do a great job of keeping it from opening unexpectedly. The rope handles are sturdy and much softer than I expected. Being a cat owner, when I hear rope, I think of scratchy sisal rope. These handles are very soft and are presumably made from canvas like the rest of the bag.

There are three options for the personalized canvas tote with rope handles. The version I’m sharing is the yarn ball with hook version. Both this version and the heart-shaped yarn version can be personalized with up to 18 letters. Since I live in New York City, I never personalize anything with my name that I will use outdoors. Instead, I got mine customized to say All the Yarn. The bag can’t actually fit ALL of it, but at 10 skeins it can definitely hold enough for most projects that you’d want to tote around with you! There is also an option that says One More Skein… which isn’t personalized. The Creations by Courtney logo is discretely positioned at the top of the yarn tote bag.

The personalized canvas tote with rope handles is the actually the smallest option in Courtney’s line of canvas tote bag designs, so if you need something larger, she has you covered! There is a backpack which measures 18″ (46 cm) tall by 14″ (35.5 cm) wide and a large zippered tote which measures 14″ (35.5 cm) tall by 18″ (46 cm) wide, as well as an extra large tote which measures 17″ (43 cm) tall by 23″ (58.5 cm) wide. Each size is also a slightly different style, so you have options whether you want a bag that has straps or handles, or is zippered, uses drawstrings or snaps, or is open. You can check out the entire collection canvas tote bag designs in the Creations by Courtney Etsy shop.

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