Crochet Pattern: Diagonal Rainbows Baby Blanket

I’m so excited to share this pattern with you today! I originally designed this corner-to-corner baby blanket for the FaveCrafts Blog, and they titled the post “The Stunningly Beautiful Crochet Baby Blanket You Need In Your LIfe.” I think it came out great, and I’d love to hear what you think! This post contains affiliate … Read more

Picnic Basket Shawl Crochet-a-Long: Week 1: Foundation Chain through Row 3

Welcome to the Picnic Basket Shawl Crochet-a-Long! If you’re just learning about the CAL, read this post for more details and links to the rest of the crochet-a-long. Today, I’m sharing the first clue in the Picnic Basket Shawl pattern. We’ll be starting our foundation chain and working through Row 3. This post contains affiliate links. … Read more

Announcing the Picnic Basket Shawl Crochet-a-Long!

A few weeks ago, I was chatting with members of the Underground Crafter Ravelry group about a summer crochet-a-long (CAL). Everyone agreed that the project should be both portable (for summer travel) and lacy (so it could be used right away). This post contains affiliate links. I found Malabrigo Sock in a beautiful colorway, Lotus, at … Read more

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