Crochet Pocket Scarf Patterns for Adults and Children

I’m so excited to share two super simple crochet pocket scarf patterns with you today. Both patterns have been very popular over on I Like Crochet. If you’ve been meaning to crochet a pocket scarf but have been looking for an easy peasy pattern, or if you’ve been hoping to make a matching set for … Read more

How To Finger Crochet (+ 8 Free Patterns) | #Crochet #TipsTuesday

Finger crochet is a great way to enjoy crochet when you don’t have a hook on hand (or, when your hook isn’t the right size for your yarn). It’s also a great way to teach crochet, since your fingers only have to focus on the mechanics of the stitches and not on how to hold … Read more

Free pattern: Plain Ole Slouchy Hat in 9 Sizes

After I finished the sample for the Coastal Redwood Super Scarf, I had some leftover yarn that needed a project. This post contains affiliate links. Yarn for the sample was generously provided by Lion Brand. I love the lush red color of Redwood in Lion Brand Heartland Thick & Quick. (You get the same rich … Read more

Crochet Pattern: Coastal Redwood Super Scarf

I’ll admit it: when I first heard about super scarves, I wasn’t convinced they would really be “a thing.” This post contains affiliate links. I should mention that I first heard about super scarves during this past summer, which felt very long and hot due to our lack of air conditioning. Nothing says summer like … Read more

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5 Secrets for Improving Your Crochet Skills