Knitting Pattern: Hurdle Stitch Square (Harmony Blanket # 5)

The knitting pattern for the Hurdle Stitch Square combines a 1 x 1 ribbing pattern with garter stitch rows to create a boxy look and a fun texture. The stitch pattern is easy to remember, so it’s a great square for knitting newbies or for tv knitting for more advanced knitters. This pattern is the … Read more

Knitting Pattern: Diagonal Seed Stitch Square (Harmony Blanket # 1)

The knitting pattern for the Diagonal Seed Stitch Square combines a traveling stitch pattern with the seed stitch. The seed stitch adds great texture to any pattern and it’s beginner friendly, too. This pattern is the first square in the Harmony Blanket Knit Along. This post contains affiliate links. I may receive compensation (at no … Read more

It’s Time for the Harmony Blanket Knit Along!

Welcome to the home page for the Harmony Blanket, a sampler blanket by 13 knitting designers that will be released from January through November, 2018 as a knit along. In this post, you can find all the information you need about how to follow along, as well as regularly updated links to the KAL patterns. … Read more

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