Lucila Preemie Crochet Blanket in the Round

Lucila is a preemie crochet blanket in the round. Made with two strands of light (#3/double knitting) yarn held together, the result is a tweedy, cheerful, and colorful look that works up just as quickly as a pattern made with medium (#4/worsted/aran) weight yarn. The Lucila Preemie Blanket is forever free on my blog, but … Read more

Spirals into Square Dishcloth Crochet Pattern

Today’s dishcloth crochet pattern was designed as part of the charity spotlight series to meet the donation requirements of Each Stitch Counts. It’s also part of the Crochet to Donate Challenge Blog Hop with Sunflower Cottage Crochet, so read on for details. This post contains affiliate links. I may receive compensation (at no added cost … Read more

Preemie Crochet Pattern: Día Soleado Blanket

Today I’m sharing a simple preemie crochet pattern as part of the Preemie Crochet Challenge. The Día Soleado (Sunny Day) Blanket is designed using a simple, dense stitch pattern without holes so you don’t have to worry about tangling tiny fingers and toes. A self-striping yarn makes colorwork easy and minimizes the number of yarn … Read more

Easy Crochet Blanket: Gentle Stripes and Textures

Today I’m sharing an easy crochet blanket pattern as part of the Preemie Crochet Challenge. The Gentle Stripes and Textures Baby Blanket is available in 6 sizes from micro preemie blanket through child blanket. This beginner-friendly pattern combines a simple stitch with self-striping yarn to make the colorwork easy. I’ve even included four helpful video … Read more

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