Yarn stash kit 2

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I managed to finish two small projects last week, and I promise to give them both the full photo treatment on FO Friday.  I also finished and joined all 375 squares on my sister’s blanket on Sunday during The Walking Dead season premiere.  Now I just need to add the borders and weave in the millions of ends.  (Insert dramatic sigh.)

Since the last yarn stash kit project worked out so well, I picked up another one for my subway commute: A Hat Fit for a Fella by Shana Kreikemeier (available for free on her website here).  I originally bought the yarn intending to make my dad a cabled hat for the holidays to go with this amazing aran knit sweater he bought years ago from Ireland.  Hopefully, this hat will be finished in time for this year’s holiday season.  (Cue up sad trombone.)

It is remarkably difficult to photograph white yarn on circular needles on a cloudy day.

As for reading, I had a bit of a lull over the last week.  I couldn’t get into the free Kindle edition of Oscar Wilde‘s Intentions.  The typos just drove me nuts because each mistake interrupted the flow of the writing.  The Kindle Fire sat idle for a few days, but on Monday night, I started reading a Kindle review copy of Fearless Fair Isle Knitting: 30 Gorgeous Original Sweaters, Socks, Mittens, and More by Kathleen Taylor.

The book is officially released today, so I hope to have a review up shortly.  (I have a growing stack of books I need to review soon!)

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