Year of Projects: Crochet Master Class – Painted crochet finale

(This post is part of my Year of ProjectsCrochet Master Class series. You can read the other posts in this series here.)

I just have a quick update today, since I’m packing after celebrating Mother’s Day with my mom to get ready for my vacation.  I finally finished my painted crochet trivet!

When you last saw my trivet, it looked like this:

I was trying to decide what to do next after running out of the orange I started with before the orange and red round.

I ended up choosing a relatively dark orange and a red from the collection of solid embroidery floss I had on hand.

You can see that the orange and red are different than the other colors I used.


Then I did another round with both strands of red.

Yep, I ran out again.

I really wanted to end as I started, with rounds of double crochet instead of single.  But I just didn’t have enough of the embroidery floss.  At this point, I just said to myself, “This is a trivet, not a wearable.  Just finish the thing already.”

You can see the last few stitches are in another red.

I still have to weave in the ends and block it.  (Yes, I am blocking a trivet.  It’s for me and I want it to look right!  With all the different threads, stitches, and tensions I combined as I tried to make a rainbow of color on this trivet, it ruffled quite a bit.)

So, what did I learn about painted crochet from this experience?  Well, it is much easier to do than it looks.  Basically it is just a matter of holding multiple strands of a thread, embroidery floss, or thin yarn to make slow color effects.

On the other hand, it requires a fair amount of planning, since the impact of the color changes is dependent on you have the right amounts for each color change.  I don’t see myself using the technique frequently because I don’t really like buying a lot of supplies which are mostly unused.  But I definitely will be making some more scrappy trivets with my embroidery floss – I have way too much and so rarely embroider.

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