Year of Projects: Crochet Master Class – Double-ended crochet (a cheat)

(This post is part of my Year of ProjectsCrochet Master Class series. You can read the other posts in this series here.)

This week, I haven’t had time to work on a new project based on one of the techniques highlighted in Crochet Master Class, so I decided to dig through some older photographs to find my first two experiments with double-ended crochet.

Darla Fanton is the featured crochet master, and she is actually the one I learned the technique from – indirectly, of course, through a pattern booklet.  I made these two scarves using the double-ended basic stitch.

This was my first version, using Bernat Lana.
You can see that on one side, more denim is visible, while on the other side, more natural is visible.

After getting the basics down, I tried a second version as a “skinny scarf.”  For this one, I used three strands of each color and I believe it was about 85 inches long.

I sold both scarves during the winter of 2010 when I had a table at several craft fairs.  My younger sister was modeling in these pictures (I planned to list the scarves on Etsy if they didn’t sell at the fairs).  Apparently, I didn’t save the pictures before editing them, which is why her face isn’t shown.  Oh well.

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